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Best Finding The Suit That Suits You

Best Finding The Suit That Suits You

Two thousand dollars for one suit? Are you crazy? I don’t have that kind of money to spend on one suit!

Yes, I am well aware of the quality and that it is well worth every penny. I just can’t justify spending that much on one garment. Oh… but I sure would love to have an Armani.”

Rest assured that if you hear yourself in the above comments, you’re not alone. Countless businessmen would love to have fancy designer suits, but their budget doesn’t allow for it;

champagne tastes on a beer budget… understood! There’s a way you can get one or more of these suits without costing you an arm and a leg.

If you could buy one for anywhere from $15 to $300, and it wasn’t stolen goods, would you? Read on.

Definitions about what makes a man’s suit a “Designer” item vary. One eBay seller’s definition is “any brand of pre-owned suit that has sold on online auctions for $300 or more.

Choosing the best men's suit
Best Finding The Suit That Suits You

” The definition continues, “See for yourself. Do a search on completed auctions for MEN’S SUITS. Sort High to Low in price and see what brands repeatedly come up.”

Here are some of the brand names classified as “designer”: Acquaviva, Barberini, Baroni,Belvedere, Brioni, Canali, Charvet, David Eden,

Dolce & Gabbana, Enrico Venturi, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Gene Meyer, Gianni Manzoni, Gionfriddo, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Leonardo Valenti, Luciano Carreli, Natazzi, Nino Bertini, Otello, Prada, Rossetti, Trussardi, and Versace.

Where are you going to find these suits? If you want to pay under $20, you will need to start hunting at all the thrift/second hand stores.

Yes, you will indeed find them there, but you need to search. If you don’t mind paying a little more, try going directly to eBay.

If you opt to hunt for your suit, here are a few simply tips for thrift stores. Don’t expect these wonderfully made designer suits to jump out at you.

And don’t expect to find a boatload of them all in one place. It is truly a matter of treasure hunting.

Thrift stores, estate sales, storage unit auctions and garage sales will be your best hunting ground. Not to discourage you, but it won’t be uncommon for you to look through 100+ suits until you might find one “good” one.

The good news is that after you have a little experience under your belt, you will be able to whip through an entire rack of suits in mere minutes.

You will be able to quickly tell just by the look and feel of the garment, which ones are quality. Take your list of “designers” with you and become familiar with the brands you want.

Hint: You will probably need to have a circuit of approximately 10-12 second hard stores that you frequent, hoping to hit the mother load.

If you’re intrigued in the quest, shop a minimum of once a week at each locale! Your efforts will eventually pay off. If this is more work that you care to spend on finding a suit, try eBay.

Enjoy your new dashing designer suit!

How the Men’s Tuxedos are Designed

Tuxedos are produced and consumed on a daily basis nowadays with thousands of people out there considering the item for certain special occasions and events.

Choosing the best men's suit
Best Finding The Suit That Suits You

They are designed by professional designers with great attention to detail and with the customer’s satisfaction in mind, then making the tuxedos one of the most preferred high quality outfits in the world.

However, the tuxedos are designed primarily for men to use, the reason that many of those who consider the items often call it as the “men’s tuxedos”.

It is also considered throughout the world as the standard formal outfit for men, with grooms, groomsmen and best man often seen wearing tuxedos in most weddings.

The men’s tuxedos, just like the rest of the garments, come in large number. They are designed and produced in different styles, colors and sizes, making it a bit harder for you to find the right choice.

Although that said, there is one important aspect of the manufacturing process that may help you determine which of the available options is best for you – the design.

The design of men’s tuxedos basically varies according to the designer’s preference, but most are designed according to what the public demands.

Typically, the designers perform certain studies on the latest of the men’s fashion. From the studies conducted, they form their suggestions for the best styles to consider for men’s tuxedos.

They then proceed on finding illustrations that may help them figure out the actual design, and once they knew the exact details, they prepare all the instruments that they might need to create the new models.

As you may notice, the designing process of men’s tuxedos may appear somewhat easy to do. But the truth is, it’s not and will never be easy.

There are a lot more steps involved in the process, and each step is worth a careful attention. For instance, designing the men’s tuxedos may involve the so-called “pattern grading” which is taken to scale the designs according to proportion.

This is basically what makes the size of men’s tuxedos an important factor to consider when choosing the right choice.

It is further worth noting that the men’s tuxedos are designed to suit a variety of fabrics and colors. The type of fabric is highly considered knowing that not all materials may make a tuxedo unique and stable.

Typically, wool is preferred for men’s tuxedos knowing that it can stand out from the rest of the clothing materials.

And, in terms of colors, the men’s tuxedos often come in black and white. But for those who want to go beyond the traditional trend, there are now a lot of colored options in the market for you to choose from.

Choosing Wedding Tuxedos

So you’re attending a formal wedding where a black tie is highly invited. Got no new wedding tuxedo? Well, finding the right wedding tuxedos is so easy these days with a number of resources available out there for you to consider.

The wedding tuxedos are offered in a variety of style, color and sizes, and it’s nice to know that they can be found from small to large clothing stores anywhere on earth.

However, since a wedding is a special event in a person’s life, choosing a special tuxedo is then worth a consideration.

Although a tuxedo is considered since the early days as the standard attire for men, it is important to note that not all may suit a particular style.

Not all may even match the formality of the wedding. It is in this sense where the importance of choosing the wedding tuxedos carefully comes in.

When choosing the right wedding tuxedos, it is worthy to note that generally the tuxedos come in different colors and styles.

For most wedding ceremonies, the black wedding tuxedo is deemed as the standard outfit for men. It is considered as the most appropriate.

However, white tuxedos can be used especially if preferred by the groom and bride. This option is said to be perfect for weddings held during summer, spring, outdoor, early in the afternoon, morning, or for informal weddings.

Aside from that, there are also the colored options which can be used for a less-conservative style of wedding, like the themed or vintage ceremonies.

Many of those who wear the colored tuxedos are the ones who really want to step out of the traditional way of dressing for weddings.

Not only are the color and style of wedding tuxedos are important to consider when choosing the right options.

Fact is, it is always important for every groom and bride to note when exactly is the best time to choose a wedding tuxedo.

If you are planning your wedding with some professionals, then expect to be fitted for at least five months prior to your wedding date.

Well, the fitting is typically considered months before the wedding simply for the fact that creating the suits is not so easy. Certain adjustments may arise, so if possible the fitting schedule should be finalized earlier than usual.

This is also important for the reason that not all wedding tuxedos may fit the size and style of a particular person, or even the situation.

Finally, it is always important to make sure that you know exactly how much you are willing to spend for wedding tuxedos.

Note that wedding tuxedos often come expensively, but the price generally varies according to the design of the suit, as well as its quality and style.

If you happen to be the groom, you maybe are responsible for the cost of the wedding tuxedos.

So, as early as possible, your pocket should be ready to handle all the costs associated with the event. You can talk to your bride or advisers regarding this matter.

Dress Shirts – Buying A Shirt For The Graduation Ball Or Wedding

Choosing the best men's suit
Best Finding The Suit That Suits You

Dress shirts ought to be a staple in every stylish mans wardrobe. Some men save dress shirts for special occasions, a party, wedding, or after work drinks with the boss.

Others use them to add a bit of luxury to their everyday dress. In either case, finding the right style and quality to suit your personal taste can sometimes be difficult.

Dress shirts connote a man not afraid to be himself, or to subtly display his success in the world. On the high street,

however, there is often only a choice between tacky, mass produced dress shirts and ones that would require you to re-mortgage your house.

Luckily, the internet has a wide range of specialist designers, for all price ranges – from the historic Savile Row Company to new and innovative dress shirt designers.

Comfortable cotton is the most popular fabric used, though you will also find fine garments made with silk and man-made materials.

The fabric is important when choosing a dress shirt. You should consider your purchase as an investment to last a number of years.

Furthermore, high quality fabric benefits both the look and the feel of a shirt. Poor quality fabric is often treated with chemicals, and can cause skin irritation.

To avoid this, look for 100% cotton. A split yoke fabric is a sign of quality, as it allows the fabric to fall across the shoulders without puckering or creases.

Other dress shirt fabrics include Oxford Broadcloth, which is famous for its durability and prestige; Seersucker, which is cool in summer and designed to have a crumpled,

lightweight feel; and Silk Linen, a compound fabric that combines smooth durability with breath-ability.

These days, women expect men to have as good a sense of style as they do! So it is important to get the right colour and fit for you, especially if you plan to wear the shirt at a wedding or some other flirting opportunity.

That is one plus of the Internet – dress shirts, ties and other accessories are often categorised by colours that match. This takes all the effort out of buying an outfit!

If you do buy online remember that when you have made your choice and the garment arrives that the colours may look different and not suit you, so make sure that the website has a good returns policy.

If you can afford it you should consider having shirts customised to your requirements. Some people prefer fitted dress shirts, others a loose design.

Buying a customised dress shirt also gives you power over sleeve length, collar shape and lets you match the best fabric with the best shape.

You should know your measurements before buying any clothing online. The most accurate way of doing this is to use a shirt you already have, rather than getting someone to measure your body.

Lay it out flat and measure from a centre of the collar to the shoulder, then from the shoulder line to the cuff. Then you are ready to buy the perfect dress shirt.

Tuxedos for Women

When you hear the word “tuxedo”, what comes first to your mind? A man wearing a black tie? Frank Sinatra? A male performer on a symphony orchestra?

A happy and charming groom? Although tuxedo is seen as something masculine, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for women to wear tuxedos.

Regardless of the fact that tuxedos are considered throughout the world as the standard outfit for men, women can wear it if they want.

Yes, tuxedos are not exclusively for men. They are also for women. In fact, hundreds of women these days are wearing tuxedos for women.

They usually wear it during the most formal affairs, but there are also others who just wear for style and fun.

The tuxedos for women are designed particularly to meet the ever growing demands for a more formal female outfit. The people who usually demand for this kind of outfit are the ones who are working on the business world.

Their reason for demanding tuxedos for women is that they are required by the service industry to wear absolutely formal attire.

You can then see female employees serving the hotels wearing tuxedos for women. There are also the airline flight attendants and restaurant crews walking to and fro in women tuxedos.

The tuxedos for women are also growing in numbers with more and more couture females wanting or preferring to own a set of women’s tuxedos.

Although you might not see them wearing the outfit every day, you can think of the possibility that these females have their own set of tuxedos for women hanging on their personal closets.

The tuxedos hang in there to provide a sort of “pulled together look” which is highly considered by women as terrific especially when they are worn with a strand of pearls around the women’s neck.

Speaking of looks, the tuxedos for women are specifically designed to suit every woman’s desire for formal attire.

They appear to be somewhat different from the men’s tuxedos, but generally they come in black, which is considered in the industry as the standard color for tuxedos.

Also, just like the men’s tuxedos, the tuxedos for women come with a tie, a jacket and a shirt. They only differ from the male tuxedos as the women are not limited only to “trousers”.

Yes, females have the option to choose from a traditional trouser or skirt. So, don’t be surprised when you see a woman out there wearing a tuxedo skirt.

Today, the tuxedos for women are offered through a number of formalwear stores or outlets anywhere in the world.

They come in different styles, sizes and colors, but they all carry a particular purpose – to make women in the corporate world formally attired.

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