Best Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal

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Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal We will put customer satisfaction as our first priority when selling products. So, please feel free to contact us when you met any quality problems.

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Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal

  • THE MURADIN MEN’S WALLET: When you told us how much you loved MURADIN tactical wallet for men, but wanted one for taking cards easily, we designed and did one!

  • RFID BLOCKING WALLET: You don’t have to sacrifice the great looks of a leather credit card wallet for security.

RFID blocking protection is given to the MURADIN minimalist wallet due to the metal frame, so you can use it safely as a travel wallet, cards holder, or front pocket wallet.

Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal
Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal
  • TOP SPACE ALUMINUM FRAME: The frame made of aviation-level aluminum material, anodic oxidation craft, and smooth chamfer design. Metal texture frame image design reflects elegance and fortitude.


  • SPRING LOCK DESIGN: This is only one MURADIN slim wallet of spring lock design now, pushing cards design make you take credit cards easily. Only 4.2*3*0.6 inches mens wallet offer space that holds most 12 cards and 1 to 5 cash.


  • 100% SINCERE CUSTOMER SERVICE: We will put customer satisfaction as our first priority when selling products. So, please feel free to contact us when you met any quality problems.
Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal
Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal

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10 reviews for Best Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet for Men Metal

  1. Shaun P PattersonShaun P Patterson

    The quality of the Polyurethane wallet is excellent, and you will be hard pressed to find better quality. I have only had it for a few hours but I can tell it will last. I think the leather version would be great as well but can see it wearing faster and the Polyurethane will look good for longer.The only downside, and reason I gave it 4 stars, is I was looking for something smaller than my wallet and lighter but this has some heft to it and is just about as big as my leather bi-fold wallet. It’s also nice they include a rubber strap but would have liked to see magnets to hold the front flap down to the metal frame or a built in snap that reaches over the edge and attaches to the other side.Hopefully their other slim wallets are lighter and smaller.**1 Month Update**After using it for about a month now I am raising my review from 4 stars to 5 because it’s just that great. I think if you give this wallet some time you will love it too.

  2. D. BennettD. Bennett

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     The product is well packaged and looks good overall. I was only just a little disappointed that it’s made from vinyl and not leather, which was in the item description. I haven’t really put it to use yet, but I question how durable the vinyl will be long-term. Overall, I’m pleased with how the product looks and the frame of the wallet is very sturdy and holds the cards perfectly.

  3. Michael McIntoshMichael McIntosh

    Great sleek design, hardy Aluminum frame, enough room for the necessary materials and a small space for change or a spare key.. over all impressed with its construction so far. Last wallet lasted over 10years let’s see if this one can hold up to the challenge.

  4. Sitam PaulSitam Paul

    This wallet is good for those who doesn’t carry much cash with them. You do can fit up to 8 cards. And 2-3 $20 bills. I sometimes carry more than enough cash. So this isn’t for me. But get it if you carry cards. It’s pretty good.

  5. Amazon Customer

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     I will buy this wallet over and over

  6. Dodds

    I wanted to give one of these newer style wallets a try and found this one. They had great color choices and a nice style. I have been using it for about a week so far and I like it alot. I always had a bunch of other junk in my wallet and this helps me keep just the essentials in it. The back slot is a bit tight for my drivers license but the other slots work great for everything else. I really like the look of this wallet it is seems to be made well. I like the little spot inside to hide a few bills in too. Overall I’m happy with the wallet and design/functionality of it.

  7. Raymond B.

    I really like this wallet. Metal frame holds my car securely and I can sit down without bending the heck out of them or worry about breaking them. The small flap holds my driver’s license and I like how they didn’t cheat it up by trying to put a plastic window in there. Because of the metal frame and the way this shuts, you don’t need one. It is supposed to be rdif protected, but I am unsure of that as my time card is also in my wallet and I don’t need to take it out to swipe in. I simply waive in front of the scanner and it works perfectly. It is possible that is a different type of system anyways great wallet thank you guys five stars!!!

  8. J. Barr

    Regarding the issues of card capacity, it comes down to what KIND of cards you have. If you have many of the classic embossed cards with raised numbers and letters, then it will hold less cards. If your cards are the more modern flat design with no embossing, then it will hold more.I’m able to easily carry (and also easily access):- 1 driver’s license- 1 Concealed Weapon Permit- 4 flat credit cards- 1 embossed credit card- 13 additional very flat cards including insurance ID cards, AAA ID card, dues cards, Social Security Card, Voter Registration card, and a photo of my wifeOverall, I really like it. This is a much smaller wallet than I expected, though that’s not a bad thing! It is narrower in all dimensions than my old wallet, but it still manages to hold a surprisingly large number of cards. Yes, the overall design has definitely caused me to re-think just what I carry in my wallet, but in the end, I’m carrying exactly what I need.

  9. Nosrepmodnar

    I have 6 cards including my driver’s license and insurance card.Cash goes in a money clip.My current wallet is starting to fall apart after 10 years or so of service.I don’t like fat and clunky and I don’t like loose cards, that is why even though I don’t need it I go with bi-folds so the cards cannot shimmy out when it is in my pocket or i pull it out to use one.This thing feels like a paper wrapped can.The card container itself is nice, super nice actually.There is locking pins(no better word comes to my mind right now) at the top to keep the cards inside the card carrier.That is the end of the nice things I can say.I got the gray one and it looks okay.All they needed was a light spring or magnets to hold it shut, instead they opted for a stupid looking rubber band.I knew that going in, but did not realize that the wallet has no interest in being closed unless you clamp it shut.Pros:Locks in your credit card.Cons:Looks cheapFeels cheapDoes not stay closedHonestly feel the only part that would be left after using for a couple months would be the credit card part since that is built well.PriceyOn to find a better solution

  10. BalatarBalatar

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     You will need to carry large bills as very little space for cash, but then again who Carries lots of cash any more

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