Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards

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Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards

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Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards

  • This business card case aluminum card holder with high quality aluminum materials and Environmentally friendly plastic(ABS) clasp closure,blocking protection from all RFID scanners and readers.

  • Most RFID blocking hard shell aluma wallets can NOT block 125KHz signals. But Elfish metal id cases are able to Block both 13.56 MHz and 125KHz Signals. Don’t give thieves any chance.your Bank Debit,ID,ATM Cards be protected all the time.


  • Slim, thin, small Aluma ID case fit in your front pocket, it is perfect for traveling with the necessities.Business appearance and feeling will help you leave a good first impression on your clients, associates, and entrepreneurs.


  • Latches safely and securely when not in use. Rounded corner wouldn’t damage on your clothes. With 7 accordion Slots, Capacity for up to more than 9 credit cards or more than 20 business cards.


  • We know you’ll love our case, that’s why if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a replacement.


10 reviews for Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards

  1. Cynthia R.

    I saw a few reviews here, stating that it wasn’t very sturdy and wouldn’t close, or it broke. I was hesitant to buy this, but I’m glad I did. I have quite a few cards…I did weed out a few that I needed to get rid of or don’t even use….and put the rest in the slots, and I had no issues closing the case at all, and it IS sturdy. Unless you are Really trying to cram pack the case full, you shouldn’t have a problem, and I put 9-10 cards in it. I love it!

  2. Don Patterson

    Better quality than expected (always a good thing!!) For the low price I paid, I anticipated that the latch would be something to go kaput within a short while of regular usage . . . and that has NOT been the case at all. The color of the outside seems like it will last a long while (it’s kept in a car glove box in Florida heat), and it easily hold the number of card that it claims. Easy to recommend both the item and the seller. Thanks!!

  3. Coghan

    Purchased for my wife who wanted an easy way to transfer her ID a couple cards and a few paper bills from her “daily purse” to her “weekend purse”. This fit the requirements and came in attractive patterns as well. One star off because the internal compartment is made of thick paper. It will last a little while but I can see it will need replacing after a year or two. It also pops open a little too vigorously and I could see it dumping stuff out if you aren’t careful. However the outer case seems well made and it’s the perfect size for pocket or purse. EDIT: I upgraded this to a 5 star because it ended up lasting 3 years and only broke when it was overfilled. Bought the exact same one again. Good value.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Easily holds 14 regular ccredit/bank cards and IDs. Very sturdy design. I had another wallet like this and anytime you touched the clasp- or something in your bag did- it’d open up. This one holds fast until you open it. My old one also had the images wear off really quickly and looked much older than it was. The printing on this one is high quality and durable. Extremely happy with this wallet!

  5. Willo

    I purchased this for my Mother to carry in her jacket pocket. She is 96 and has Dementia, I moved her to an Assisted living Community last year, But she was used to bringing her purse with her every time she left the house. Now that she very rarely has to leave the building she has gotten out of bringing her purse but she does put money and her AARP card in her pocket,also the slots for cards are half slots so removing a card it quite easy. There is enough space also to put her apartment key in side, it is very easy to open and very light weight, Also it looks pretty.

  6. Kindle Customer

    UPDATE 4/25/19…I continue to use my little Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet with excellent results. There have been times that I wondered if I could ever overfill it! The answer is, not yet. From my cards to medical information to stamps and receipts, I have stuffed this little work horse full and there has been no splitting of the inner sleeves. Only once, did I have to maneuvera couple of receipts to close the catch. One of the best purchases I could recommend.4 stars for the ability to conceal. I am waiting to see how long the pockets last, being heavy plastic or vinyl. I use this all the time, I even got to downsize my purse! It’s able to hold much more than stated, I have 2 cards back to back in each slot. Plus, I am able to put 3 insurance cards in the last slot closest to the outside!I can put this in a pocket & it doesn’t weigh on it at all. Once I had no pocket & placed it in the side of my brassiere-no one even knew!I highly recommend!

  7. C. L. CorbaleyC. L. Corbaley

    The first one lasted over three years and I am active and kind of rough on things. The previous one I had was leather., and when I dropped it, it fell silently to the ground. I lost everything in it as I did not hear it. I didn’t have that problem with this case. It makes a nice clattery sound.When the inside started giving way, I bought the same one. As you can see, the first one faded some, but still looks nice outside. I get numerous compliments on it. It’s quite durable. I think the inside tore somewhat due to putting multiples in the slots, but it lasted years.I highly recommend this brand. Obviously, After looking around, I went back to it. I did look around to see if there was anything better for me. However, I sure couldn’t find it.

  8. M.B. Myers

    I bought this card holder about a year ago thinking it was probably junky. I have been delighted with it. It is sturdy, holds 6-8 cards easily and separately so that you can easily pull the one you want out. It closes easily and crisply. It has 2 pockets at either end of the device for either the 7th or 8th card, dollar bills, or any other piece of paper you might want to carry. I practically never write reviews of products from Amazon, but this really deserves it. I love it.

  9. ALCH

    I think these RFID blocking wallets must really work. Have had one for several years that finally broke after dropping it for the thousandth time. I ordered a new one and was waiting for it to arrive. After having no fraud issues for at least 2 years, I was amazed that the very first day my cards were not in this wallet, one of my cards was compromised. Hmmm… Really makes you think. Wonder how many times this awesome little wallet has stopped card thieves!

  10. J.GravesJ.Graves

    I love it, holds all my cards that is needed for shopping or anything else. Also great for my drivers license. Small enough to fit in my pocket and sturdy enough if you drop it.

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