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Finding Freelance best Projects

 Finding Freelance best Projects

Being a freelancer is a tough job for anyone. Whether you are a writer or a web designer you know that the competition is fierce and you must always be on the look out for more jobs when working on one.

This is part of the course when freelancing. Most often there is no stability or guarantee when freelance is involved.

Freelancer Or A Web Design Agency
 Finding Freelance best Projects

You are hired on a project basis and will be kicked to the curb once the project is complete unless you happen to earn another project right away which is rare to say the least.

To help fill the gap between those needing skilled labor and the freelancers that provide the labor there are several web sites that have sprung up.

These sites allow employers to post projects of a wide variety and then the freelancers can bid on those projects.

This has become an effective tool in maintaining a steady flow of work for the freelancer, but there are several downfalls to some of these sites.

For one thing, there is normally a fee that is charged for using the service. How much and how often varies by site.

 Finding Freelance best Projects
Finding Freelance best Projects

Normally you will pay a monthly membership fee as a freelancer wanting to bid on projects. This fee can be as high as eighty dollars on some sites, but the average is twenty.

One should be careful when working with a site like this as it will be much harder to turn a profit when you consider the amount of money you have spent on the monthly fees.

There are also sites that work on a commission basis. This works by paying a percentage of the money that you earned from a project to the site for successfully bidding and completing a project.

The commission charged is different with every site and averages around 10%. This system of payment is a lot more popular as the freelancer can simply add the commission amount to their bid to ensure they are getting the amount they need to complete the project.

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Finding Freelance best Projects

The services offered by these sites are normally wonderful. A project manager is a great tool for tracking the projects that you have bid on and those that you have won.

This ensures that nothing gets swept under the rug and forgotten about thus tarnishing your reputation.

Other sites offer safe payment resources. These payment options are basically escrow accounts where the money is held until the project is completed and approved.

This works to provide security for both parties. The employer does not release the money until the project has been completed and approved. The freelancer is guaranteed to get paid for all their hard work.

There are some sites that offer all of these services and remain free for the freelance worker and the employer. They maintain the site through advertising and do not charge a commission or a monthly fee.

This has become a very popular occurrence as freelancers can earn more money without having to spend so much in the process.

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