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how To Buy Berber Carpet ?

10 Reasons To Buy Berber Carpet

how To Buy Berber Carpet ?

We hear allot about Berber carpet but have you ever wondered where they came from?

Berber carpet was named after handmade bulky wool that was textured and used by a tribe in North Africa.

The tribe was called the Berber tribe. Now isn’t that convenient. The Berber carpet of today follows much of the tradition of the Berber tribe using flecked bulky yarns to create beautiful carpets.

Here are 10 reasons to buy Berber carpet over other carpet choices.

1. Unique
The flecked looped yarns used to make Berber carpets provide unique stylish carpets that have a uniqueness that makes a Berber carpet easily identifiable.

2. Choice in Loop Size
You can get various loop sizes in Berber so there is a size for every room and decor. From large rather knobby loops to small tight loops. There are several industry choices including cut and loop designs, multi level loops, and level loops.

3. Hypo-allergenic
Berber is the perfect choice for anyone with allergies or children. It is made from wool so it is non toxic and non allergenic and it stops bacterial growth right in its tracks.

4. Comfortable
The manufacturing process created wool loops that have millions of air pockets in them so the carpet has a nice cushiony feeling when you walk on it. It also has an insulation factor because of the weave which helps regulate the temperature of the room.

5. Hardy
Berber is one of the most durable and easy carpets to clean. Stains are easily lifted and it takes a lot of miles on the carpet for it to show any wear.

Berber is well known for its longevity while still looking as new as the day it was installed. It hardly ever shows footprints, and it doesn’t show the lines from the vacuum cleaner. The only thing you need to watch is that you don’t snag it and damage it.

6. More Affordable
Now there is a little irony here. Pure wool carpet and it’s cheaper than nylon, olefin, or any of the man made products while at the same time outlasting them and looking new for much longer.

Berber is one of the most affordable choices in carpet and yet it looks richer than many of the other choices available to you.

7. Color Choices
Color choices are mixed and varied and include earthen or neutral colors, dark colors, and even pastel colors. Not only are there plenty of colors to choose from there are plenty of patterns to choose from.

Because of the way the carpets are made depending on how the yarns are twisted and the pile density will depend on the look and pattern of the finished rug. Berber offers more choices than almost any other type of carpet.

8. Hide Sub floor
Because of the density of Berber carpet you can easily hide irregularities in the sub floor without spending an arm and a leg to repair or replace the sub floor. This makes Berber very cost effective especially in older homes that are having the rugs redone.

9. Variety of Grades
Just like other carpets you can choose a variety of grades which determine how plush the carpet is. Berber is available in a variety of grades and they even have a product designed to go right over concrete.

10. Economical
Besides being one of the most economical carpets to buy Berber is also one of the most economical carpets to have installed. Because it is an easy carpet to lay you can often find installation at less per square foot than other carpets.

So if you want to add a richness and quality to your home I’ve given you 10 reasons to buy Berber carpet. So what are you waiting for?

The Right Carpet For Your Home

Walk into any carpeting store and you’ll be more than just amazed at the carpet choices awaiting you. There will be textured plush carpets, saxony carpets, berber carpets and commercial grade carpets.

Carpets that can be installed wall to wall, carpets that can be cut to size with bound edges and carpet squares. There are literally hundreds of colors and textures to choose from. How do you choose?

Your first consideration when purchasing a new carpet shouldn’t be color, as important as it is. Your first consideration should be how much traffic the carpet is going to receive.

If you carpet is going in a bedroom it won’t be receiving the same traffic that your living room carpet will receive. How stain resistant will the carpeting need to be?

This is a consideration for any carpet, but especially carpeting that is going to be used in a dining room or playroom area where there is a steady stream of food or spill possibilities.

You’ll want to ask about the rating of the carpet. Indoor carpeting is generally rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating.

carpet with a rating of 5 is considered superior for heavy traffic area. A rating of 4 or above is considered outstanding and would be recommended for heavy traffic areas in the home. A rating of 2.5 to 4 would provide normal durability.

Carpeting with a rating of 2.5 or lower should only be used in very light traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

Choosing the carpet based on what type of traffic it will receive can help you save money in the long run. Buy the carpet suited to your needs.

The highest quality carpet you can buy would be a carpet made of wool. A wool carpet is a very expensive investment, but it will reap benefits over years of use as it will out perform any man made carpet.

Just two of the benefits of a wool carpet are it’s natural soil resistance and it’s ability to retain it appearance, meaning it won’t crush or wear down like man made carpets.

Unfortunately, wool carpet is out of the reach of most of us. If you can’t afford a house full of wool carpeting then have wool carpeting installed in the room that receives the highest traffic.

There are many different man made carpets to choose from. If you have a high traffic area, then nylon would be a good choice due to it’s durability.

Nylon is also stain resistant and repels mildew. A carpet of Olefin would also be a good choice for heavy traffic areas as it is strong and easy to clean.

Polyester is also excellent in high traffic areas as it is easy to clean and resists water based stains. Polyester has the look and feel of wool, but is much less expensive.

Now to the color consideration. A light colored carpet will create an effect of a larger space. Of course, light colored solid carpets will show stains more easily.

Dark carpets tend to absorb light giving a room what some would call a “cozy” feeling. Rugs with patterns will make a room appear smaller.

When you find a carpet you like ask to take a piece home. Look at the carpet during natural daylight and at night under artificial light as the color can change.

Careful consideration when purchasing your carpet can help keep you happy with your decision for years to come.

Why you need to buy a rug

So, why buy a rug.

Well there are many reasons why you should want to choose one and no matter how little you have to spend you should be able to pick something up from a store or carpet dealer and the variety is staggering although you will be limited with less expensive rugs.

So let’s look at some of the reasons you may want a rug on your floor. Well my number one reason for using rugs is to hide the wear and tear that carpets get with everyday use.

Just think about it, when you walk across a room you usually take the same path and this helps to wear out a carpet or leaves it dirtier than the surrounding carpet and cleaning all the carpet only highlights what bits of it were dirty in the first place, well at least I think so.

You may also have a damaged carpet or one that is likely to get damaged. The favorite here is log fires which are always spitting out hot embers.

A rug in front of the fire helps protect it. Eventually you will have to throw out the rug but buying a new rug is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a new carpet.

One of the other reasons you may want a rug is to highlight a wooden floor. Having a wood covered floor is great but a rug can accentuate the wood and

draws the eye to the floor so people can really see what your floor looks like. Another reason why you may want a rug on this type of floor is to cut down noise which a rug is great for.

A rug can also be a focal point in a room drawing the eye to the rug and making a statement about you or your tastes.

On the other hand a tasteless rug can also make a statement about you and your fashion sense so always be careful when choosing a rug as a rug can often say a lot more about you than you may like.

A couple of other reasons for using a rug are its something great in an entrance to your house or apartment. Why, well rugs help to clean dirt off shoes and most rugs can be easily cleaned whereas cleaning a carpet is often much more difficult. Rugs are cheaper to replace as well.

Cost can be another factor in choosing to buy rugs especially if you are renting somewhere. Why pay to cover a whole floor with a fitted carpet which is not easy to take with you.

Rugs can easily be taken with you when you move. Another point is that you will have chosen your rug to match your furniture so when you move to somewhere new your rug still matches your furniture.

Whatever the reason for wanting a rug, make your choice carefully and your rug will last a long time.

How to buy Rugs

Points to Ponder
a) The firmness, thickness and knots on the back of a carpet are some of the important factors used to determine the quality and value of a carpet.

It is the number of knots per unit area and its pattern (!),colors and the quality of yarn that help in judging the fineness of a carpet.On an average,a good hand knotted carpet may range between 100 to 200 knots per square inch.

The higher the number of knots,greater is the value of a rug.Some of the most popular rugs would include Tibetan carpets,Kashmiri Bokhara (may go up to 2000 and more knots/inch) carpets with very high per/inch knots.

b) Other factors you may like to weigh before buying is choosing the right store.Do not rely on dealers,especially ones who press you to make hasty decisions.Equip yourself with as much of information as possible,its best to ask specific questions.

In fact online resources are also a great way of finding info.Your typical questions should round up around the fiber content,country of origin,yarn quality as also per inch knot(in case of hand-knotted rugs).

Go online and do some research about what you plan to buy.There are some authentic online stores for some great modern designs as well.

Some of the finest Tibetan carpets are hand-knotted with lanolin rich Himalayan wool.The best part is that the patterns are modern enough to fit into modern lifestyles to surround you with high quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs.

It is not only highly-skilled efforts and commitment that go into every piece of carpet,it is a tradition that needs to be valued and preserved like any form of art.Marking the cause is the Rug Mark certification that ensures that the international nonprofit

organization is devoted to building schools,programs and opportunities that give children back their childhoods by
ending child labor in the handmade carpet industry in South Asia.

Amidst a wide ranging Tibetan carpets, you can find some exclusive ones at Spacify. A few carpet samples—the Isphere Geo Designer Rugs,Eskiu Geo Rugs & Kalos Geo Modern Rugs.

Cheap Carpeting

When it comes to carpet for your home, you may want carpet that you install yourself. There are ways that you can carpet a room very cheaply, without having to spend a lot of money.

Carpet can get very expensive in a hurry, which is why saving money is so very important to those on a tight budget.

One very cheap way you can carpet a room is by using carpet samples. This is actually considered new carpet, as samples aren’t considered to be used.

You can buy samples of carpet for .25 cents a piece at closeout sales or at your local hardware or carpet store. Depending on the size of the room you are looking to carpet, how many samples you’ll need will vary.

You’ll also need staples as well, which cost around a dollar or so. Most of the time, you can expect to pay a dollar or so for each square of carpet, which is still considered to be cheap carpet.

If you are doing a children’s playroom, using multi-colored carpet is perfect. It is very colorful and if a spill stains one of the squares of carpet, you can quickly and easily pull it back up and install a new one. This is a great advantage to doing a playroom this way.

Installing your cheap carpet The only things you’ll actually need when you install carpet samples or squares in a room is a carpet knife and a staple gun. The 5/8″ staples seem to work the best for squares and samples.

All you need to do is put the carpet peice in place and staple in two or three staples along each side. Make sure you wiggle the head of the stapler down deep between the fibers, or between the border and the fibers, so you can hide the staples as much as possible.

If you are carpeting a basement floor, you can use carpet tape instead of staples. With either case, this is best to do when padding isn’t that important. You can use padding as well if you don’t mind the complications, although without it, its pure simplicity.

You may also choose to lay out your pieces of carpet first, then decide where each individual piece will go. When you reach walls, heating sources, or other obstacles, you can quickly and easily cut the pieces to fit. If you happen to make a mistake, it

will cost you around a dollar, instead of costing you a fortune. When you make a mistake, all you have to do is start over a new piece of carpet.

Before you begin to put the carpet down, you should always estimate how many pieces you will need, and then call around to find a store that has enough samples for the room.

Although the samples will range in size at different stores, the average is 18 X 18 inches. If you use pieces that are the same size, you’ll find things to be much easier.

Even though you may be paying a dollar a piece, it rounds out to less than .50 cents per square foot to carpet your room of choice – which is really cheap carpet!

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