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How To Buy best Carpet?

Find Out How To Buy Quality Discount Carpet

How To Buy best Carpet

How many of us need to desperately replace our worn out carpet but just don’t have the cash needed to buy new carpet.

Even when the sales come up it can still be pretty expensive and end of the rolls aren’t often enough if you have a larger room to do. Not to worry. Read on to find out how to buy quality discount carpet and give your home that needed facelift.

Almost New
New carpets come with a guarantee and so sometimes even reputable carpet stores land up removing carpet and replacing it for whatever reason.

It could be the color was off just a tad, it may have a couple of small flaws that the home owner wasn’t willing to accept, it can be a host of many small things.

At any rate once the carpet store has removed this carpet they normally just want it out of the warehouse and out of their way, so you can buy this “almost new” carpet for very cheap and all you have to do is put up with a few imperfections.

Commercial Carpet
Most home owners don’t even think about commercial carpet that is often found in rentals, and commercial spaces.

There’s a reason commercial carpet is put into rentals. It’s virtually indestructible and will outlast any other carpet on the market.

The commercial cut loop carpet gives it a velvety look and it’s nice and soft on the feet. And here’s the best news. It’s a fraction of the cost of home carpets.

On average you can buy commercial carpet for around $5.00 per yard. Go figure lasts forever and costs less. No wonder they don’t want to let this secret out! So be sure to check out commercial grade carpets.

Installation of commercial carpet in a commercial building means gluing it to the concrete floor which is an option you can use as well.

But if you want the most cushy comfortable carpet in the whole wide world buy the thickest pad you can find.

Furniture Store Cast Aways
Also called furniture store cast offs. These cast offs are the furniture that the store isn’t able to move quickly for whatever reason.

Furniture stores like to keep there stock fresh and rotated often so many of these stores will hold an auction at least a couple times a month.

You can get great deals! No reserve! Brand New! And I’ve seen people get enough carpet to do a full living room and hall for under $100.00. So be sure to call your local furniture stores and see if they do this.

Remnants are always a great choice especially if you don’t need to match up.

So perhaps you are replacing your living room carpet and a couple of bedrooms and you aren’t overly picky about the color especially in the bedrooms as long as they are somewhat neutral,

and you don’t care if they match. They remnants are definitely a possibility. You can often save up to 75% sometimes even more. So hunt around!

Commercial Reno’s
Commercial businesses such as hotels or banks will commonly rip out perfectly good carpet because they are getting a face lift, or color change which is very common in industries which serve the public.

They like to have a fresh new look regularly. You can buy this carpet for pennies on the dollar, and get high quality, beautiful carpets.

In fact sometimes you can get these carpets just for hauling them away. Now that’s a deal! So keep your eyes open for any renovations going on.

Buy Wholesale
Don’t forget to check wholesale. Although some wholesalers are loyal to their dealers and require you to buy via the dealer, just as many are not.

In fact if you get your hands on the WBMC which is a mail order catalogue you’ll find $30 dollar carpet for as low as $6.00 a yard.

Now that’s a deal!
Here are the phone number for some of the larger wholesales. Visit your local carpet store before calling and get all the numbers such as color and style, then give these guys a call and see if they can give you a better price.

Warehouse Carpets of Georgia, (800) 526-2229, Carpet America (804) 730-7777;;; Johnson’s Carpet (800) 235-1079; and S&S Mills, (800) 363-4036, Quality Discount Carpet, (800) 233-0993.

If you are like myself and don’t notice the “little imperfections” irregulars can be a great buy.

Apartments and condos regularly use irregular Berber because they can get it so cheap and I’m betting you couldn’t find the imperfections even if you looked long and hard.

So the moral of the story is it’s a lot cheaper not being a perfectionist. High end carpet for below wholesale price just because it’s not quite perfect. But then neither am I so what a great match!

Insurance Companies
Many times an insurance company will land up replacing an entire carpet when only a small section was damaged.


So if your room is small enough that you can eliminate the damaged area you can get some very nice high end carpet for cheap. In fact many times you only need to hall it away.

Carpet Mosaic
If you are doing a family room or a rec room this little trick can work great and it really ads an element of creativity to the room.

Buy the carpet samples that the carpet stores have. In fact on discontinued carpets they will sometimes even give you the sample square.

Then you can either sew them all together [very time consuming] or simply place them down and use adhesive to keep them in place, much like laying tile.

Area Rugs
This is an option that is often overlooked and so functional especially if you have beautiful wood floors underneath the existing carpet, which is very common in older homes.

Wood floors once so popular went out of style and where quickly covered with carpet. Now they are back and the wood floor materials we buy today are no where of the quality of those in the past.

So have a peak and if there is hardwood floor strip and polish if needed, then buy a beautiful area rug that covers the heavy traffic areas and lets the hardwood show on the outer edges.

Now another trick that works well if you don’t have hardwood floors is to buy tiles or linoleum that has the marbled look, lay it and then place an area rug in the center.

I can personally tell you that the black marbled tile look fabulous like this as I once did a family room with this method.

Tiles were on sale and dirt cheap, and the area rug was very reasonable. Under $200 and I had a million dollar room!

Save Money and Buy Wholesale Carpet

How To Buy best Carpet
How To Buy best Carpet

If you are in the market for some new carpets you are probably already aware of how costly that can be. There are many ways you can get better pricing for your carpet such as buying remnants or flawed carpet.

But why not save money and buy wholesale carpet? Yes even you as a consumer can buy wholesale carpet.
Many people hear the word wholesale and believe they must be a business, dealer, or high volume purchaser to get wholesale pricing.

That’s simply not true. There are various types of wholesale carpet plans around. You just need to find the one that works for your situation.

Carpet Wholesale Distributors have low overhead and great buying potential. You’ll not find any store fronts here, just a basic large warehouse, lots of concrete, and lots of carpet.

This type of carpet wholesaler is in business to supply carpet to carpet retailers. They may also deal with large corporate clients that buy large volumes of carpets.

For instance developers of condos, home builders, or commercial office builders.

There pricing is competitive and their goal is for there to be enough room for the retailer to add their mark up and still be competitive. They are quick to deliver their product.

Wholesale carpet retailers are open to the general public. Yes this means you! You can safe a substantial amount by buying your carpet from wholesale carpet retailers.

Besides the savings there are other benefits like quick delivery and installation. You’ll save both time and money.

There are a couple of reasons why these retailers can offer carpets at wholesale pricing while other retailers cannot. They have massive buying power so they order large volume and obtain the maximum discounts from the supplier.

You’ll not find fancy show rooms, snazzy lighting, or any other cosmetic perks. What you’ll find is a big concrete warehouse with rolls and rolls of carpet.

This reduces their overhead dramatically
Most of these operations are looking to move volume at a reduced price so they are willing to work on a much smaller profit margin.

They purchase seconds and thirds meaning they have imperfections. These imperfections can be small or large. They might be a dye lot that was off, snags or runs, or a host of other items.

When buying from a wholesale carpet retailer you’ll want to find out the answers to these questions.
Make sure you understand the warranty and whether any warranty claims will be dealt with at the wholesaler level or whether you’ll need to deal with the manufacturer of the carpet.

You’ll also want to know if the carpet you are buying are seconds, Normally too small to notice but you’ll need to make sure.

The last thing you need is a nice long line of missed looping that runs right through the center of the carpet. Just be sure to have a really good look if you are buying seconds. You’ll also want to find out if the manufacturers warranty is still valid.

Remember if a deal sounds to good to be true, 99.9% of the time it is. So if the price is just to good find out what’s wrong with the product before you jump the gun and spend your money on an unsatisfactory product.

Make sure you get your pricing with underlay and installation. No sense in getting cheap carpet if they soak it to you on the underlay or install. So be sure to get a full package price.

Buying wholesale carpet can save you a ton of money. So if you don’t care if there’s a fancy show room, and you don’t need someone to hold your hand while you pick out your carpet,

and you just care about basic service this is a doable option. So remember save money and buy wholesale carpet! Think of all the money you’ll have left for other home decor projects.

Ten Tips To Ensure That You Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home Or Office

Buying a new carpet for your home or business is a decision that should not be taken lightly.
The right choices will ensure that your chosen carpet not only looks great but also proves to be a wise investment.

How To Buy best Carpet
How To Buy best Carpet

The wrong choices however can be costly in terms of money and time wasted.
The following ten tips should give you a head start when it comes to buying the best carpet for your home or office.

Top Ten Buying Tips
1) Suitability – Ensure that your carpet supplier understands how the carpet will be used in terms of location and potential for wear and tear.

Carpeting for your stairs for example may well need to be different from that used for your bedroom. Ensure that you discuss how your chosen flooring will cope with the demands placed upon it with your carpet retailer.

2) Decoration – Your carpet should be a fundamental element of any interior decorating scheme and as such chose your carpet before you start decorating and install it after all the decorating has finished!

3) Style and Design – Carpet offers great versatility in terms of styling, colours and design. Ensure that you have really exhausted all options in terms of colour, style and design before finally picking your chosen carpet.

4) Longevity – What are your expectations of how long your carpet is expected to last?

Different carpets will have differing levels of resilience to wear and tear so ensure that you have fully explored all of the options if your carpet is to match your expectations.

5) Budget – Budget is key. Buying a carpet involves additional costs such as getting it fitted, laying underlay and perhaps paying for furniture and other items to be moved or stored.

Don’t forget to factor all of these elements into your financial plans.

6) Professionally Measurement – Buying a new carpet is a big investment and as such having your home or office professionally measured will

ensure that firstly you buy the correct amount of carpet and secondly that the carpet purchased is suited to the role that it is being asked to perform. Good carpet retailers will offer this service for free!

7) Get a Sample – Samples allow you to judge how your carpet will fit into your home or office and should be viewed in natural and artificial light at differing times of the day.

Again good carpet retailers will offer samples for free and ensure that you have the sample to hand when the carpet arrives and is being fitted to ensure that it is exactly what you have ordered!


8) Buy New Underlay – New underlay will extend the life of your carpet by up to 40%. For any size project, fitting new underlay will return the cost invested into it, many times over.

9) Employ a Professional Carpet Fitter – Fitting carpets is a skilled craft and offers of “free fitting” may well come back to haunt you.

A well fitted carpet should be seamless and tightly stretched and only professional carpet fitters will achieve the maximum potential from your carpeting investment.

10) You Get What You Pay For – As with most things in life you really do get what you pay for with regard to carpets.

Whilst cheap carpeting with recycled underlay and a non professional fitting may save you money initially, the rapid degeneration that you see with regard to your carpeting will soon ensure that more time and money is wasted on rectifying earlier mistakes.

Buy wisely, buy well, seek out professional retailers and fitters and your new carpet will return the investments that you have made into it many times over.

Picking Out A Carpet

Carpets are available in many different styles and colors, although when you shop for your carpet, you should try to buy the best quality carpet you can get for the money. Even if you happen to be on a very strict budget,

How To Buy best Carpet
How To Buy best Carpet

you shouldn’t skimp on your carpeting or your carpet pad, as quality products will tend to last longer, wear better, and even save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Almost all modern carpets are made from either nylon, polyester, or olefin. Nylon is the strongest type of material and also the most widely used.

Even though nylon will never wear down to the treads, it can fade and get very scrubby in appearance. Buying the proper padding for your carpet and having it treated with a stain resistant treatment will help to make it last a lot longer.

When you pick out a carpet, you need to know how to tell if carpet is good enough quality. One easy way to test is by looking at the density of the carpet. This means the thickness and closeness of the pile, or each specific strand of fiber.

The closer the fibers are to each other, the better the overall quality will be. You should stick your fingers into the rub or bend it to see if you can

feel or see the mesh. The less you feel or see, the better the quality of the carpet. Another factor with quality carpet is the twist level or the number of twists in 1 inch length of fiber – as the more twists you see, the better.

The density of the pile will affect how the carpet will wear, while the cut of the pile will affect how the carpet looks. A plush cut carpet looks like a field of velvet with even color and it’s great for a formal look.

The saxony cut carpet has irregular cuts of pile, and provides a great everyday look. Frieze is a very nubby twisted pile, with a less formal look although the wear it offers is very good.

When you buy carpet, you shouldn’t ignore the carpet pad. Along with going for the best quality of carpet you can afford, you should also buy the best quality of pad as well.

The padding will cut down on noise, and also help to act as a cushion so it’s very important – almost as important as the carpet.

By taking your time and knowing what to look for, you won’t have any problems picking out your next carpet. Quality and durability are the keys to great carpet and pad, which is why you don’t want to rush this process.

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