How to buy from elwady store

How to buy from elwady store

In simple steps, you make the purchase

 It is as follows:-

 First / You register in the store to put your basic data to make it easier for the product to reach you

 Second / When you choose a specific product, you click on it and read the product details, then you select the quantity you want and click on

 Add to cart

 Third / you will enter the page

 Completion of the request .. A table will appear before you with a picture of the product, the specified quantity,

the price of the product and the address of sending the product to you, and several payment options will appear in front of you … you choose the method that suits you and click on it

 Fifth / Select the appropriate time for you to receive the product in its notes

 An order confirmation letter will come to you and the shipping representative will contact you to confirm the data

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