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How To Good Credit Card Deal

How To Snatch A Good Credit Card Deal Even If You Have Bad Credit

How To Good Credit Card Deal

You must have heard people say – ‘I got a good credit card deal’. So if you happen to be looking for

credit card at that moment, do you just go with what your friend has told you as a good credit card deal?

Let’s check what one can term as a good credit card deal.

credit card deal is good if it works for you. So, if the credit card fits into your lifestyle in a way that rakes in maximum benefits for you, that is a good credit card deal.

The most important thing to realize here is the word ‘your’ as in ‘your lifestyle’. So logically speaking there is nothing like a good credit card deal.

What it is – is good credit card deal for ‘you’ i.e. the individual who is going to use that credit card. This is because the lifestyle and the needs differ from person to person

(and that is precisely the reason why every credit card supplier offers so many different kinds of credit cards). It might be true in some cases

(where the lifestyle of two individuals/friends is similar) that the credit card deal which is good for one be good for the other too, however, this is just in a few cases.

You can always check with your friend who has recently got a credit card deal, since that might cut down the time needed for researching/hunting-for a good credit card deal.

However, it’s really a matter of evaluating your own needs. If you travel a lot and to far off places by air, a card that offers you good rewards/rebates/

benefits on travel would comprise a good credit card deal. Sometimes the airlines themselves have their own credit card issuing/supplying company from where you can get a good credit card deal.

For people shopping at a particular retail store or a shop, a good credit card deal would be a card that offers discounts, rebates and rewards on shopping.

Again, the retail stores themselves might have credit cards on offer that could be beneficial to you. Then there are credit card deals that are linked to gasoline stores or big grocery chains.

If you don’t have any specific needs, you might use a general purpose credit card that gives reward points on every purchase you make on your credit card.

These points can then be redeemed for cash/rewards. Hence, this card could become a good credit card deal for you.

Good, for credit card deals, is really a relative term and there is no credit card deal which is equally good for all. Its easy to get a credit card if you have a good credit history,

but what about those of us who are not so lucky in terms of past credit? Here is when a bad credit credit card would help you.

“Bad credit credit card” is used to refer to credit cards that can be obtained even with a bad credit rating. The bad credit credit cards provide opportunity to people

(with bad credit rating) to improve their credit rating. In that sense, bad credit credit cards act as rescuer for such people.

So, bad credit credit cards also act as necessary a training ground for people who have not been able to control their spending urge in the past.

Bad credit credit cards are commonly known as secured credit cards. The bad credit credit card (or secured credit cards)

requires the individual to open up an account with the credit card supplier and maintain some cash balance in the account.

Why is that required? Well, credit cards are a business for the credit card suppliers; so how can they trust someone who has defaulted on his/her payments in the past?

After all, a business is about profits and such risks are a threat to profits.

The bank or the credit card supplier will generally pay interest on the balance in your account. However, it’s best to check this with the bad credit credit card supplier/bank.

The credit limit on the bad credit credit card is determined by the cash balance in the account and is generally between 50-100% of the cash balance.

These bad credit credit cards are also referred to as debit cards, owing to the fact that they work less in a credit-giving manner and more in a debit-giving manner.

There are plenty of bad credit credit cards available in the market. When searching for the bad credit credit card that is best suited to you,

you should consider four things in particular: the minimum balance that you are required to maintain in the bank account, the credit limit that you will receive

(i.e. the percentage of your bank account balance that you are allowed to spend on your bad credit credit card), the fees/other-charges applicable to the procurement

of bad credit credit card and the rate of interest that you will receive on the balance in your bank account.

An ideal bad credit credit card would have no fee/other-charges associated with it and would require zero or a very small amount as minimum bank balance.

It would also have something like 90-100% of bank balance as its credit limit. Moreover, an ideal bad credit credit card would also offer a good interest rate on the bank balance.

Bad credit credit cards are really a good concept that provides respite to people with bad credit rating by letting them enjoy the benefits of credit cards while they mend their credit rating.

Apply Online For A Credit Card Now And Get One In An Instant

Believe it or not, you could apply for a credit card online and you may just as well be instantly approved usually via en email – informing you whether you have been blessed and accepted or disapproved and denied the comfort of plastic.

If you cannot find such a situation tolerable, then simply do not let yourself go through it. The fact of the matter is that you really need not wait thanks to the slew of credit card instant approval available online today.

Take note however that to be able to have and gain instant online credit card approval, you basically need to have excellent or good credit standing.

Also, be reminded that there may be particular circumstances wherein time may be necessary in order to know if you are indeed approved for a credit card.

The following are some of the credit cards which offer online instant credit card approval.

American Express Blue online instant credit card

This particular credit card offers a program rewards point that is free from any type of fee. Also, the APR for this credit card is zero percent within fifteen months. once approved, annual fee is zero.

The reason why American Express credit card is called Blue is because it is primarily your very own launch pad in order to help you shop for standout rewards entertainment packages.

Balance transfer is allowed for this credit card and one needs to have excellent credit in order to be eligible.

Another online instant credit card is the Gas Discover card. It has an APR of zero percent for any balance transfers as well as purchases within twelve months.

Also, a full bonus cash back of five percent on maintenance and gas purchases are offered for this credit card. Also, a one percent bonus cash back immediately applies to any purchases, automatically.

Again, balance transfers do apply for this particular credit card. However, one needs to have excellent credit standing in order to be eligible for an instant credit card.

AT&T Platinum Universal MC is another instant credit card you could apply for online. This particular credit card also offers

APR that is low within the initial introductory period. There is also zero annual fee as well as zero dollar liability on any purchases that are unauthorized.

This particular credit card also offers a free and secure management of account online. Take note that transfer balance fees also apply to this particular credit card offer. Those who have good credit standing are eligible to apply and be instantly approved.

American Express Blue Sky credit card is also another credit card which offers instant online credit card approval.

This particular card allows one to redeem any points incurred from a hotel, airline, car rental, etc. Blackout dates do not apply for this card as well as any restrictions of travel.

Also, you get to earn a reward point for each dollar you get to spend. Included in the benefits by being a member of this credit card is the Insurance Accident Travel, Assurance Buyers Plan as well as Protection Return.

All in all, applying for an online credit card instantly is easy. It is getting approved which may prove to be difficult for some especially if one’s

credit history is not so good. It all depends on how well you have proven yourself eligible to pay your credit card bills in the past that allows you a good credit card instant approval in the future. Good luck!

What is a Credit Card and Do You Really need it?

Credit card have been with us for quite sometime and they are considered as one of the most recognized payment systems across all

borders and are internationally accepted around the world. Credit card has never been more accessible around the globe than it is today.

Credit cards are one of the most used modes of payment today, maximised all the sales potential, and thus decreasing loss of sales due to lack of payment options.

Credit card payments processed by American Express,Mastercard,Visa and Discover are subject to a “zero liability” policy—which means, a guarantee that you will not be held responsible for any fraudulent charges.

Nowadays, Credit card machine is the tool for accepting credit cards. It has been known that, Credit cards can really help you build good credit if you use them wisely.

With the increase in usage internationally, Credit Card payments are made to be secured and all your details are highly encrypted.

This plastic card lets you charge a meal or pay for a travelling expenses on a credit card and you pay the bill at later convenient time.

Consumers (That’s us) are the recipients of credit cards issued by a bank (Any Bank). CARD VERIFICATION VALUE (CVV).

CVV is a relatively new and reliable authentication procedure that was established by all major credit card companies so as to enhance their efforts towards reducing credit card fraud during any internet transactions.

Credit cards grant the card holder, credit purchases within their credit limit. Credit cards do carry interests on the outstanding balance and it may be carried over for a period of several months. Of course you should always remember to pay the debts on all the cards that you possessed in time.

Since credit card is a payment made at a later stage, there are tendency that we keep everything (payment) on hold till next month, next month and next month, where, without you knowing, your credit bills are rising and rising and we called it “Credit Card Debt”

Credit card debt initially grows in 2 ways. One is due to addition of a new debt on account of fresh spends on your credit card and the second is due to the addition of “Low interest” interest charges to the existing credit card debt.

Once your credit card debt grows too much that you can’t handle it, you will then need assistance for all these credit card debts. We called it Credit Card Debt Consolidation.

The process of credit card debt consolidation can be referred to as balance transfer process (you transfer the balance or debt from one credit card to another).

When most people think of debt consolidation, they think of those companies with the commercials featuring people in desperate situations, worrying about how they are going to pay their credit card bills.

Credit card debt consolidation could also be called as a loan. These loan could be a personal loan, a home equity loan, or a loan specifically for credit card debt consolidation.

Many people view debt-consolidation loans as a way of helping them get out of debt, but please do take note that these consolidation loans simply combine debt.

As from Today, the average family owes roughly $7,000 on their credit cards. (According to Sources).

Credit Cards For Poor Credit – Secured Bad Credit Credit Cards

Getting approved for a credit card with poor credit is difficult. Because of your low credit score, or no credit history, many credit card companies consider you a bad risk.

Fortunately, there are ways around this problem. Obtaining a credit card with poor credit is doable. However, it’s going to require a little effort and research. Here are a few tips for getting easily approved for a credit card with bad credit.

Apply for a Retail or Gas Credit Card

If no credit history is standing in the way of you getting a major credit card, consider applying with small retail stores or obtaining a gas card.

Unless you are a student, most credit card companies do not willing approve those with no credit history. However, store accounts are easier to qualify for.

After approval, use the card responsibly. This will help build or improve your credit score, which makes getting approved for a major credit card effortless.

Get a Credit Card through Your Bank or Credit Union

The majority of banking institutions offer major credit cards. If you are a customer, the credit approval department may be willing to issue you a credit card with a small limit.

With this said, it is important to maintain a good relationship with your bank. For example, avoid bouncing checks or incurring overdraft fees.

If poor money management skills are displayed, the bank is less willing to assist you. Furthermore, attempt to build a cash reserve. This could possibly improve your odds of approval.

Apply for a Secured Bad Credit Credit Card

Many credit card companies advertise bad credit credit cards. To get approved, this usually entails opening a savings account with the company.

In this case, the credit card is secured. Although secured credit cards require upfront cash, and usually involve several start-up fees, this is the easiest method for quickly improving or building a solid credit history.

The credit limit on secured credit cards varies. For the most part, the limit is equivalent to the amount placed into the savings account. As credit score improves, the company may gradually increase your limit.

Important Tips On Online Credit Card Application

Most credit card companies and financial institutions use the Internet for increasing their credit card sales. In addition,

Internet technology has become the heart of every business transaction, by disseminating useful information, and launching an effective advertising and marketing program.

Using the Internet is preferred by most people because of the convenience that it provides especially when doing credit card shopping.

There are hundreds of credit card companies who are selling their credit cards online. However, potential consumers should be cautious so that they could avoid fraudulent credit card companies.

The application of a credit card online is very easy, but any mistakes will probably end up costing you more. Carefully check the company’s profiles and verify if it belongs to reputable credit card companies.

The advantages that are offered by different credit cards companies online are also similar to other credit cards that you can personally apply for from a credit card company or a financial institution.

The only difference is that you are going to avail the convenience of the credit card online application.

The reasons still remain the same, to find the best credit card online.

-A credit card is considered the best if the offers suits the needs of a particular individual. Different persons have different needs.

Remember that credit card offers also varies depending on who is going to utilize it. You must consider your greatest needs first to help you find the right credit card.

-Make sure to do comparisons since thousands of credit card offers are given by various websites. Bombarded with lots of options,

you might be pressured to settle down for what you initially think is the best. You should always conduct reviews regarding the credit card offers.

-Learn and understand what a free credit card is all about. An annual fee or application fee is not required to be paid by card holders just to obtain the credit card.

Review the online application forms and reread it until you have understood everything. You will find out that it was already stated in the application that it is a no annual fee credit card.

Take note that this type of credit card is offered mostly by stores and banks.

-The payments of the purchased products are only extended within a specified period of time. So, a credit card is just a modern terminology for borrowing money.

Even if you applied for a free credit card, still you will be charged with monthly interest fees considering you have any credit card balances. It helps a lot if you read the conditions and terms carefully.

A double payment will be also charged if you pay your expenses late. So, never be fooled too easily by free credit cards.

-Economic experts dub APR’s with the lowest rates as the best. They have based their findings on the equation revealing that the lower the APR is, the lower the expenses you are going to pay for.

Always weigh different options provided by credit card companies on low APRs or even 0% APRs. It could make a huge difference between long term unpaid expenses of credit cards and savings credit card.

It is very difficult especially for first timers to find the right credit card online. However, use your initiative as much as possible.

Read forums, and consumer’s review. In the end, it is worth it to file an online application on a well-tested credit card that is guaranteed to fit your lifestyle.

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