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How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers

How to Save Money When Buying High End Home Air Purifiers

How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers

Are you interested in buying a home purifier? If you are looking to improve the quality of the air

inside your home, as well as your health, you may be interested in doing so. If this is your first time looking to buy an air purifier, you will want to go with air purifiers that are considered high end.

This is because they often produce the best results and last much longer. Unfortunately, many individuals are turned off by the costs of high end air purifiers.

Although these quality air purifiers are more than worth their costs, you should know that there are a number of steps that you can take to help you save money.

One of the best ways to save money on the purchase of a high end home air purifier is to know that you do have a number of different options.

This is important, as it enables you to compare prices, brands, and quality. In fact, comparing prices is another one of the ways that you can go about saving money on air purifiers.

What you can do is visit a number of your local home improvement stores to compare air purifiers and their prices. If this approach is too time consuming for you, the internet can also be used to compare prices, but at a much quicker rate.

When using the internet to compare prices on air purifiers, it is best if you know what you are looking for, especially if you are looking to save yourself time.

With that being said, the internet is also a great way to research, examine, and compare different high end air purifiers.

If you do already know what make or model air purifier you want to purchase, incorporate your wants and needs into your standard internet search.

This can help to give you targeted results. These results should be links to online stores that sell the air purifier that you want more information on or that you want to buy.

In addition to using the internet to compare prices on high end air purifiers, you can also use the internet to make your purchase or purchases.

When doing so, a great way to save money is to examine manufacturer websites. Although air purifiers are commonly sold in traditional retail stores, many product manufacturers also sell their products online themselves.

Many shoppers find it much cheaper to shop directly with the source, as the middleman and other expenses are eliminated. Although the savings may not be huge, they can still help if you are shopping for a high end air purifier on a budget.

If you would prefer to shop for a high end purifier locally, there are still easy ways that you can save money. As for comparing prices, consider calling a few local stores, like home improvement stores, to ask about available high end air purifiers and their prices.

This approach is a great way to compare prices, but without having to make multiple trips to different home improvement stores.

In addition to home improvement stores, air purifiers are also sold at many department stores and discounts stores.

Although these types of stores are known for their affordable prices, they may not have a large selection of high end or high quality air purifiers, if any at all.

The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can go about saving money on the purchase of a high end air purifier both on and offline.

As for extra ways that you can save money, be sure to search for sales. Many stores advertise their sales on air purifiers online or in local newspaper inserts.

Coupons are also a great way to save money. Some home improvement stores place moneysaving coupons in their weekly newspaper inserts.

Although hit or miss, there are some product manufacturers that have moneysaving coupons available for printing on their websites. These coupons, if you are able to find them are another great way to save money.

AirPurifiers – Clean The Atmosphere Effectively

Airpurifiers are simple time-telling equipments that purify the contaminated air by freeing it from unnecessary pollutants. The working of the airpurifiers is simple.

How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers
How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers

They draw in contaminated airs, absorb the contaminants from the unclean air thereby purging the air inside the filter and releasing it effectively into the atmosphere outside.

In a nutshell, the airpurifiers not only remove the harmful particles from the air, but also provide protection against hazardous smoke particles and airborne gases. So get an air-purifier to clean the atmosphere in your home and office.

The airpurifiers are can alleviate asthma and other respiratory diseases, removing the allergens causing these diseases.

The cleaning of the air is done by reducing the dust floating in the air, filtering second hand smoke and purifying the air out of every chemical pollutants, car exhausts, fumes and other polluting contaminants.

It is the impure air filled with unnecessary pollutants that are creating respiratory disorders even in small children and newborn babies.

So the airpurifiers provide the most effective means of clearing the air and that also well within your budgetary limits.

With the consumer demand for airpurifiers rising high, the companies have stepped-up the production of airpurifiers.

They have even introduced new techniques like advanced filters, charcoal absorbents, and electrostatic charges in the airpurifiers.

So the extent of purifying your air depends upon your choosing the right kind of air-purifier for your home.

Whether you want a mechanical air purifier like the HEPA systems, or electrostatic filtration purifiers like ionic purifiers or a combination of both,

carbon-operated airpurifiers or ultra-violet light devices, you have to decide for the air-purifier that will best suit the needs of your home.

The different types of airpurifiers that are available in the market are HEPA filter airpurifiers, carbon airpurifiers, ozone airpurifiers, ionic airpurifiers and ultraviolet light airpurifiers.

Following are the benefits and disadvantages of various airpurifiers:

HEPA air purifiers
Advantages – the allergens are captured and not released into the air once they are trapped.
Disadvantages – does not eliminate chemical fumes, cigarette smokes, odors and gases.

Carbon airpurifiers
Advantages – highly effective in cleaning atmosphere of chemicals, gases, smokes and odors.
Disadvantages – not at all effective in capturing microorganisms and allergens.

Ozone air purifiers
Advantages – truly effective for removing odors, cigarette smells, and chemical fumes
Disadvantages – not effective for allergens and most of the chemicals

Ionic airpurifiers
Advantages – capable of removing extremely fine particles almost anywhere in the rooms even those that are several feet away from the airpurifiers.
Disadvantages – does not kill germs but removes them completely from the household air and not at all effective on odors.

Ultra-violet light airpurifiers
Advantages – aids in the destruction of microorganisms that cause diseases.
Disadvantages – not at all effective for removing smoke particles, odors, industrial/household chemicals and allergens.

Get any of these airpurifiers now to clean the atmosphere in your home/office and lead a healthier life.

AirPurifiers – Clean The Atmosphere With Top-Quality Purifiers

With the increase in pollution levels in the country, the customer’s demands for airpurifiers have been increasing at an alarming rate.

How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers
How to Save Money When Buying Air Purifiers

The airpurifiers assist in purifying the contaminated air in your home and office thereby freeing the air from unnecessary pollutants.

A close research on environmental sciences suggests that the air outside home is far more pure than the air inside the home.

So the airpurifiers are known for converting the contaminated air to clean air and provide protection against pollutants.

The modern air purifiers have gained such popularity in the consumer market that they have well mutated the use of air-cleaners.

While the air-cleaners clean the air, the airpurifiers absorb dust, pollen, viruses, molds, tobacco smokes, dust mites and other industrial/household chemicals, thereby purifying the air completely.

The people who get mostly benefited from airpurifiers are those that suffers from constant allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Today the air purifiers come in a package containing top-class elements that have increased the usage of airpurifiers to a great extent.

The airpurifiers contain HEPA [High Efficiency Particulate Air] filters, ion generators, ozone generators, electrostatic filters, ultraviolet light and other methods that help the airpurifiers to get rid off both large and miniscule particles.

Air purifiers come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Out of these various types of airpurifiers, while some of the airpurifiers draw in air via a fan, cleaning the air and re-releasing it, most of the other airpurifiers work by actually spreading the purified air in the entire room.

Following are the various types of airpurifiers available in the market:

1) Room airpurifiers – room air purifiers have replaced the tabletop units in the 1990s as the leading brand of airpurifiers. These are portable, lightweight and flexible in use. So you can install them almost anywhere in your room.

2) Ion generators – these airpurifiers work by generating charged ions into the atmosphere.

The ions get attached to the dirt and chemical-contents in the atmosphere causing them to get attracted to the floors of the houses and get deposited in the grounds. You can then wipe them, mop them or vacuum them away from floors.


3) Whole-house airpurifiers – these airpurifiers serve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the atmosphere of the entire home.

These should be basically installed in a central heating, air-conditioning or HVAC systems. The purifier works with the help of a filter that is located in a return air-grille or plenum of the purifier. It’s the fan inside the air-purifier that basically takes in the air, moves it through the filter and releases the clean air out into the atmosphere.

4) HEPA Filtered airpurifiers – HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and are made of charcoal. The filter in this air-purifier is placed upwind of a high-velocity fan on the unit,

which actually drives the contaminants into the filter attracting tobacco smoke, dust mites and other pollutants. After the air is cleaned inside the purifier, the air is made to circulate in the entire home.

Now that you know the various types of airpurifiers that are available in the market, get the best air-purifier that will perfectly suit your needs and budget.

ClearFlite Air Purifiers: Reviewed

When you think of air purifiers, what comes to mind? If you are like most individuals you would automatically think of Sharper Image or Oreck.

Shaper Image and Oreck are well-known companies, which is why there is a good chance that you have heard of them before.

However, when it comes to air purifiers, you are advised to shop around. This includes examining companies that you may not have heard of before. There is a chance that one of those companies is ClearFlite.

ClearFlite, although it might not be a well-known company, is the seller and distributor of a number of different air purifiers.

What is nice about the air purifiers they have for sale is that they are not just traditional air purifiers. ClearFlite offers a number of air purifiers that are designed for individuals with special needs.

These needs may include those who live inside a household with a smoker or those who live in home with pets. Essentially, this means that their air purifiers tend to have a focus on treating

the dangerous air particles associated with smoking and pets, as well as a number of other common household problems.

As previously mentioned, ClearFlite is a distributor of air purifiers. Essentially this means that they sell air purifiers, which are made by other companies.

When examining ClearFlite, they do not offer all different types of air purifiers; they only offer a limited number of them.

This is because ClearFlite is not just interested in making money, but they are also interested in offering you quality products.

That is why most of the air purifiers available for sale with ClearFlite are not only considered top of the line, but they also come highly rated by many customers.

The air purifiers, currently available for sale by ClearFlite include Blueair Air Purifiers, IQAir Air Purifiers, Allerair Air Purifiers, Austin Air PurifiersAir-O-Swiss Air Purifers, and Friedrich Air Purifiers.

As previously mentioned, all of these air purifiers come highly rated and recommend. The cost of these air purifiers will all depend on which make and model you are interested in purchasing.

With ClearFlite, you will find that air purifiers begin selling at around $100 and go all the way up to $700.

Also, depending on the type of air purifier you purchase, you may also be able to purchase an air purifier which uses HEPA technology or an air purifier that does not need replacement filters.

Although there is a good chance that you would be interested in purchasing an air purifier for yourself, there is also a chance that you would be interested in purchasing one for someone else.

If this is the case, you may find it difficult or even impossible to make a selection. That is why ClearFlite has gift certificates that are available for sale.

These gift certificates are available for one hundred dollars and up. A gift certificate will ensure that your friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member gets to choose the air purifier that will best fit their needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the air purifiers, which are available for sale through ClearFlite, or if you would like to purchase a ClearFlite gift certificate, you are advised to check out their online website.

That online website can be found by visiting In addition to familiarizing yourself with the air purifiers that are available for sale, you will also find a number of valuable resource guides.

These resources guides may be able to assist you with choosing the air purifier that best fits your needs and the needs of your household.

Holmes Air Purifiers: Reviewed

When it comes to buying an air purifier, or any product for that matter, many individuals make the decision to stick to a name or a brand that they know.

Although this can work out in some cases, it doesn’t in all. In fact, it may be difficult to do with air purifiers. This is because so many air purifiers have been developed that it is often hard to keep track or familiarize yourself with all of them.

This doesn’t mean that an air purifier made by a company that you have never heard of before isn’t good; it just means that you are unfamiliar with it.

When it comes to air purifiers that you may be unfamiliar with, one brand is Holmes. Although Holmes air purifiers come highly rated, it is a name that most individuals are relatively unaware of.

If you are aware of the Holmes product line, which not only includes air purifiers, but fans, heaters, and humidifiers,

you are advised to familiarize yourself with these lines of products, before making your next purchase. This will give you the opportunity to possibly find an amazing, yet affordable air purifier, which you may have previously been unaware of.

Holmes has two main types of air purifiers. These air purifier types are known as Harmony air purifiers, as well as HEPA air purifiers. In addition to these two specific product types,

you will find that there are number of different models available for sale. Despite the difference in models, you will find that many of these Holmes air purifiers offer the same level of protection.

With the Holmes Harmony air purifiers, you will find that you have a number of different models, as mentioned above.

Some of these models come in a shape, such as a tower fan, while others are smaller in size, and others are even a little bit large in size.

The smaller, compact air purifiers, including the tower fans, tend to sell for around fifty dollars. These affordable air purifiers are ideal for smaller sized rooms.

If you are looking for an air purifier that is designed to clean the air inside a larger room, you will want to examine another Harmony model.

There are a couple of Holmes Harmony air purifiers that are designed specifically for larger rooms. If you are looking to clean the air in a large room or multiple rooms, you may want to learn more about these types of air purifiers.

As you might already assume, the Holmes Harmony air filters, which are designed for larger rooms, tend to cost more money.

With air purifiers, this is quite common. On average, the Holmes Harmony air purifiers, for larger rooms, tend to sell for around two hundred dollars.

Aside from the Holmes Harmony models, you should also be able to find air purifiers from Holmes that use HEPA air filters and HEPA technology.

Like all other air purifiers, you will find that these purifiers come in a number of different shapes, sizes, and styles. The Holmes HEPA air purifiers tend to retail for around one hundred dollars, depending the size and style of the air purifier.

With the Holmes Harmony air purifiers, as well as the HEPA air purifiers, you need to know that replacement filters are needed.

The cost of these replacement filters will vary, depending on the type of air purifier you own. As well as the cost of the filters, the number of times that you need to replace the filters will all depend on which type of air purifier you purchase.

For additional information on replacement filters, you are advised to select a specific Holmes air purifier and then further research that purifier.

If you are interested in learning more about the air purifier products available for sale by Holmes, you are advised to examine their online company website.

That online website can be found at

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