PlayStation Store Gift Card

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PlayStation Store Gift Card Redeem against anything on PlayStation Store. Choose from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more*. Ages 18+. Account for PlayStation Network required to redeem.

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PlayStation Store Gift Card

  • Must be 18+yrs and have an account for PlayStation Network to redeem. May be redeemed for anything on PlayStation Store. Choose from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more.

  • Pre-order. Pre-load. Play. Can’t wait for a game? Pre-load it to your console and play as soon as it’s available.
PlayStation Store Gift Card
PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • Find exclusive deals on top games. With regular deals and discounts, there’s always something to play at a price you’ll love.


  • Download purchases remotely. Add your purchases to your download queue from anywhere online – and start playing sooner.


  • See Product guides and documents section below for full terms.

Redeem against anything on PlayStation Store. Choose from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more*. Ages 18+. Account for PlayStation Network required to redeem.

Pre-order. Pre-load. Play. Can’t wait for a game? Pre-load it to your console and play as soon as it’s available.

Find exclusive deals on top games. With regular deals and discounts, there’s always something to play at a price you’ll love.

PlayStation Store Gift Card
PlayStation Store Gift Card

Download purchases remotely. Add your purchases to your download queue from anywhere online – and start playing sooner.

Choose from a range of gift cards. With $10 to $100 to buy your favorite games, add-ons or subscriptions.

Download, play, delete and re-install. Content purchased from PlayStation Store is added to your library, as well as being downloaded to your console.

*Add funds to your wallet using PlayStation Store gift cards or your credit card

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10 reviews for PlayStation Store Gift Card

  1. Jorge EduardoJorge Eduardo

    El tiempo de llegada del código es inmediato

  2. Nicolas D.

    I usually buy the 10$ code for everything… running out of codes and not stock it back is a great way to show how less they care about the customers who depend on this value codes. I’ve been waiting for about a month to buy a code and nothing

  3. Joel Riley

    This should be a professional service, if you’re out of stock on digital codes, you’re required to get them back as soon as possible. Their are way… too many people who depend or could afford a $10 or a $20 Playstation Store Gift Card. Please stop using strategies to force customers to purchase your more expensive cards. I’d post an update if i get a reply from the relevant seller.

  4. DeathSSpell

    fast easy poor n broke due to fortnite i cant stop nor get rid of 2 months spent $3,000 on in game skins so on i still have no friends to plat with online ps4 i may sadly cut my loss on wasted cash just blew $125 thus far in a day 11/9/18′ for the football complete teams ugh!!! online gaming hate it fortnite is a disease that got me i must sadly stop it buy my normal games leave this to the fortnite pc famous paid!!! gamers for twitch n tournaments SAD i spent/spending so much on the free game but every 24 hours new skins are posted emote dances ugh wish i could figure to sell my fortnite account get some money back it destroyed my life literally 3 friends broke up 1 divorced over the game!!! all my ps cards were are for the game lol then paypal was connected to it on ps4 n i cant buy what i want new games out due to money pit fortnite just cos cool skins to buy! unique ones nov. 13th deep freeze rare skin set comes out now too ugh!!! UPDATE: man, can’t stop! no games played since 2018 but fortnite! $9,869 for today cash spent eat once a week 2 ramen, multivitamins n water is it! fortnite destroys i cant sell it cheap trust trade ps4 games for account sucks…..i cant get back by jan i know about $10k spent n i wanted a ps5 coiulda got 10 this past 5 months alone legit! man…soul is gone, got a paypal reload card reload vbucks broke…..cant get my games comics…..sad…beware trying fortnite i just go through money n the motions now playing with no one sadly spent cash on fake friends…i cut em out of life 200+ ppl…..wanted gold vikings AC N AC ULTIMATE odyssey but cant..i wont play 53 games aint played got on pre order man…

  5. Jesus P.

    I cannot believe you don’t have any supply. Very disappointed with this policy

  6. Brian Condry

    I purchased two of these cards almost exactly 4 months ago, in preparation for some fall releases. I’ve bought a lot of digital cash cards for PSN from Amazon, it’s an easy way to use credit or to tuck something away to save for later, when I KNOW I want a game.I used one code early September and was prepared to use one the day before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. Unfortunately, it did not deposit the $60 into my account. Instead, I get this error from Sony. “The code you entered is inactive. Please check terms and conditions.” I try multiple browsers, multiple devices.I contact Amazon and I’m told it’s not their problem, it’s on Sony. I contact Sony, send them the code itself and the purchase information. 2 days later, I hear back. It’s not their problem, it’s “the retailer’s.” I contact Amazon again and get told that I can no longer get a refund, they can’t do anything and how would $3 in credit make me feel?Don’t buy digital codes from Amazon. I was unaware there was a ticking clock on it, I was given no indication that I would have to use in X amount of time and now I’m out $60 and Amazon will do nothing.DON’T BUY DIGITAL CODES FROM AMAZON. You never know when they just might not work and you’re screwed out of your money.

  7. Another Customer

    Amazon wants to know what I think about this item, a digital code for $10 of credit on the Playstation Store. There’s almost nothing that I could tell you about this that you don’t already know if you’re actually looking for Playstation Store credit. You buy this item, and a minute or two later you can find the code in your digital codes section on Amazon along with instructions to redeem it and a link to go right to the redeem page with the code pasted in for you in case you’re too impatient to read.The codes have always worked for me and they’ve been delivered in seconds, which is more than I can say for Sony’s own built-in payment methods which like to lock you out arbitrarily. Well, except when someone steals your account then suddenly Sony’s got no problem draining the daily maximum of $150 from your bank account or credit line. Which is why you should get these cards instead of putting in money directly through a payment method on Sony’s site, because nobody can steal money if you don’t have a method of getting it from you. The best a thief can do if all you have is store credit is use your store credit to buy a small amount and they’ll probably just go on because it’s not even worth the time. Where on the other hand if they get $150 they can buy in game items and trade to another account and sell them for money.Advantages:Codes can be given to someone else as a giftDelivered nearly instantly and easy to log in and apply the codeCredit in your account instead of a payment method means theft is more difficultAll the old codes are in your Amazon account so you can look back on how much money you wasted (wait, maybe that’s a disadvantage)When you buy digital, a Gamestop executive weepsDisadvantages:Not a physical card so if you want to make a physical gift out of it, do it yourselfCredit in your account is never the amount you need exactly so there’s leftovers you may not use for a whileMost games now charge tax so you won’t actually be able to get a $10 game with a $10 card, you need a smidge moreOnce in a while they run out of codes and they take their sweet time getting more in, which stinks if you want a game right nowAmazon will send you emails asking what you think about digital gift cards and suggesting more digital gift cards for your collection, since you’re obviously a connoisseur of letters and numbersWhen you buy digital, a Gamestop executive weeps

  8. kren

    My grandson got a Play Station 4 in October for his 13th birthday and is so excited about it. I knew nothing about Play Station, its games, or anything else, really, much less how a Play Station gift card would get from my Amazon account to a format that he could spend without ever receiving an actual card.When we had our Christmas gathering on our side of the family, I told him what he was getting for a gift, and he and I ordered it together that day. We were at my home, I ordered it on my Amazon account, it went into my cart, and I paid for it, just as I would any other purchase. After payment, I rcvd the digital code, which I wrote down, being very careful to get it exactly right, then gave that to him.(The digital code [or “Voucher Code”] appeared instantly after my payment was complete. Amazon will also email you with the code, or it can be accessed on your Amazon page by hovering your mouse over “ACCOUNT & LISTS” at the top of the page, right hand side, under your name. From there, click “ACCOUNT”. Scroll down that “Account” page until you come to the columns with different headings and listings of multiple subjects. Under the “DIGITAL CONTENT AND DEVICES” column, look for “DIGITAL GAMES AND SOFTWARE” [about half way down that column]. Click on that, and you’ll go to the page that lists your Play Station gift card, along with its “VOUCHER CODE” [aka ‘digital code’]. That is the code needed to redeem the gift card. Carefully write it down and give it to the recipient of the gift card.WORD OF CAUTION – Be careful not to click anything on that last page that might cause the card to be redeemed. I personally have no idea how or if that could happen, but I have read about people complaining that it did. Each code can only be redeemed ONCE and they are nonrefundable, so just be aware.According to my grandson and his dad (our son), they would enter that code into grandson’s Play Station game console, his account would be credited the amount of the gift card for him to spend on whatever Play Station items he can buy for that amount of money…such as games or clothes/outfits (called “skins”) for the make-believe, digital characters in the game (one of the silliest ways to waste money I’ve ever heard of!).It was quick and easy, no complications (with the help of a 13 yr old). My grandson was thrilled, his dad said he’d burn through it much too quickly, and I was glad that I no longer had to be the one to teach and guide and all that hard stuff. I can just be the granny who buys the gift card (barely), then shake my head over how it’s spent and the vastly different, digital world these kids grow up in!

  9. Omaly Jaquez

    I had to bougt this because the other amounts weren’t available. I know is better for your and PlayStation Network benefits. But it is not fair.

  10. Larry SimmonsLarry Simmons

    Ok,I tried a $10 card and I gotta say, that was quick, I’m leaving this review cause if something would’ve went wrong I would’ve left a review, but it’s all good. 👍🏾!!

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