The best smart device for measuring the body

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The best smart device for measuring the body-Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, gaining more muscle, slimming down, or even an expecting mother-to-be… it has never been easier to track your body change trends.

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The best smart device for measuring the body

  • Smart Tape Measure. If you want your body measurements progress showing for graphing over time, this is the best Smart Body Measuring Tape for you; complete with fully integrated Renpho App connectivity.

  • Easy to Read. Reading the small numbers and lines on a traditional measuring tool is difficult and may lead to inaccuracy. Our large LCD screen and instant measurement saving via the App allows you to skip the hassle and avoid any error! Perfect for personal professional trainers work out use.


  • Multifunctional. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, gaining more muscle, slimming down, or even an expecting mother-to-be… it has never been easier to track your body change trends.


  • Retractable Easy-Lock Hook. With this innovative Smart Measuring Tape, you no longer require others for help while measuring. Our Easy-Lock design allows you to measure your body circumference quickly on your own.


  • Friendly and useful App. Come join us on the journey to Smart, Healthy Living, and Fitness. The account of Renpho app is available for logging in to the Renpho Health app and the data will be synchronized.

(Note: The data of Renpho Health app cannot be synchronized to the Renpho app

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10 reviews for The best smart device for measuring the body

  1. Sam

    most important with a measurement device is that it is consistently accurate and down to 1/10 of an inch or 0.1cm. where the app keeps a long term log of your measurements, it is necessary that you have accurate measurements to see what you are missing. body fat scales can only tell you so much. 1 month into weight lifting exercises I had lost 10lbs…super happy, but the tape showed my thigh circumference had decreased by almost 3 inches…. this was a bad thing. I carry my fat in my belly and chest …this meant though I had lost weight I had also lost a considerable amount of muscle mass and needed to add leg exercises to increase muscle mass in my legs to help me get the fat off my bellyshort rant. muscle mass does wonders raising your basal metabolic rate. (basically how many calories you burn at rest) similar to how much fuel a V8 motor burns compared to a little 4 cylinder… my belly fat is the fuel and my best chance if getting rid of it requires a high metabolism…

  2. C. Ivey

    I am thrilled to be able to measure myself on a long weight loss journey I am starting. I had no idea what measurements were and was embarrassed to ask for a friend to see those numbers. Even though there is a very good pictorial on how to use this-it is a little trickier in person. But one or two tries later here are my thoughts: download and open the Renpho app and get it ready on the weight page but press the Circumference section at the top of the page. Ensure your BT is enabled on your phone. Leave the app open. Start with the tape making a loop or circle into the bottom of the machine and work your way up or down by stepping into the loop. Position the device so you can see the numbers and hit the side-placed gray tightener button to just barely snug. Then hit the checkmark button on the front of the device. The results flow right into the body part box you selected and you can save them all at the end. You can even add your own customized body part!The only potential downside for some may be the tape only goes to 60 inches. Larger folks will likely not benefit from this purchase until they lose some weight. That said, I consider this a revolutionary tool for the health conscious. Paired with the Renpho scale and the app one gets the most benefits. I am glad I bought it!

  3. Charles SchroedterCharles Schroedter

    Very quick delivery, everything clearly marked in the box, instructions very easily followed for set up. On the Renpho application there are easy instructions on where to place the tape for accurate readings, and this is my first time doing this so wasn’t exactly sure where my waist is or hips lol.The instructions are very simple and easily followed as to set up the tape measure on inches or centimeters, how to connect the Bluetooth and if you want circumference or length.I would suggest that you adjust your time-out on your phone to maximum setting, set mine at 10 minutes, do to it taking me a bit longer then the 30 seconds I did have, by the time I got the tape in the correct position and pressed the record button, my phone had turned off, got a bit frustrated but lesson learned and after time adjustment made, I went through effortlessly.Also a nice feature is the goal size on the different body parts you measure, be neat to see what happens if and when I reach one.

  4. Branalyn

    Ya’ll are missing a BIG market here. I didn’t buy this with any thoughts towards fitness. I bought this as a sewist for measuring my kids, mostly, but myself and other family members, too. But the app is so ridiculously limiting (that claim that you can add custom measurements? that’s only *one*!) that my dreams of easy measuring are completely dashed. I’m so disappointed. I am keeping the tape and will see if the digital measuring at least makes it quicker to measure impatient kids, but I would LOVE an app that would let me truly customize the measurements I need!Circumference:HeadNeckUpper BustFull BustUnderbustWaistHigh HipLow/Full HipThighKneeCalfAnkleBicepElbowWristLength:Shoulder widthUpper arm lengthLower arm lengthShoulder spanBack waist lengthSide waist lengthShoulder to apexApex to apexWaist to hip lengthHigh hip to low hip lengthInseam to kneeInseam to ankleOutseam to ankleEtc….

  5. Sarah

    I’m so happy that I purchased this! I’ve been on a diet for like 6 months and have lost 30 Ibs. I have the Renpho scale which has helped me track my progress thus far, however, I started going to the gym and the scale wasn’t moving anymore. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong diet wise, or if I’m just building muscle, so I bought this to track my progress. Much to my surprise, I am progressing! It’s so easy to use. All you have to do is click on the tape measure icon in the Renpho app, click on the body part you want to measure, measure that body part, then click the little check mark on the tape measure or on the app, and it will save your measurement. It’s a great tool and I would recommend it to anyone working out to track progress. The scale is great as well, but I like to see inches fall off, it’s a great motivator when the scale doesn’t show any progress.

  6. Jill

    I have the Renpho scale and love it. I was really excited to hear they came out with a body measuring tape that connects to the app as well. This measuring tape gadget makes it so easy to get accurate body measurements. Stretch out the tape around your arm, leg, waist, etc… connect the end piece back to the base and hold down the retract button until it is snug. The measurement pops up on the app and if you think it is correct just hit the accept button on your device and it is logged. So easy!On a side note… the Renpho app connects to Google Fit which connects to Noom (the diet app I am currently using) so Renpho has made it so easy to track my weight and body measurements and it all gets connected to the dieting app automatically.

  7. George WatsonGeorge Watson

    This is a slick device. I took it to the gym to show the staff and trainers and they really like it!I really like it!If you are trying to be fit and want to see your results and have tried measuring hard to measure places like your neck or your shoulders, extract the tape, make a loop large enough for the area you want to measure, press the button on the body of the measure to retract the excess tape. In the Renpho app select the body part that you are measuring and the device will transfer the information to the app, save the information and move on to the next body area to be measured!The measurements can be seen in the display, but the display is not needed when the information is transferred to your phone via Bluetooth. The tape is in both inches and centimeters, once you configure it to the measurement you want, your reading will be transferred to your smart phone in that measurement.Another feature in my mind is that the device will turn on automatically when the tape is pulled out. It will turn off automatically after a few seconds when the tape is retracted. Easy-peasy!I’m sure that there will be other applications for those needing to measure the circumference of something, but for a fitness freak… this thing rocks!

  8. GingerSnapGingerSnap

    I wanted to use this tape measure for a few weeks to see how it held up and whether it would be accurate. I’m not disappointed, in fact I’m really impressed.-First, this works especially well if you use the Renpho app. I have the Bluetooth scale so I already had the app. I was initially concerned that I would need a separate app, but that’s not the case. Up in the top corner there is an icon to toggle between the scale and this tape measure. Super easy and you simply check/save which body part you are measuring.-Having all of my measurements within one app is really handy. Makes tracking really smooth. I can never remember my measurements for when I order clothes, so being able to open the app and see my waist/hips measurements has come in handy many many times.-The tape measure can be used as a loop or to measure a straight area. I use it for body measurements so I use the loop.-Just pull the tape out, wrap it around the part to be measured, press the retract button and that’s it. If you’re using the app, just click the body part and hit save. Super easy and pretty quick.-The tape measure is very light and very small. This is perfect to take along with you. This is great for dietitians, at the gym (personal trainers) or even seamstresses to take quick measurements with a portable device.-The accuracy is excellent. Not only was it as accurate as the “old tried and true” seamstress tape, but it was actually more accurate because I could do this one handed (less room for “user error”)-You really can’t beat the price point for an electronic tape measure that also has an app for tracking.All in all I’m really happy with this buy. I love having this form of measurement tracking that works directly alongside my scale so that I can’t see the bigger picture (or, hopefully smaller picture I should say). It’s accurate, small, affordable and reliable…can’t beat that!

  9. KM

    This is SO easy to use! I love not having to even look at the tape measure – just tighten, then hit the record button. I compared these readings to my manual measurements and this seems pretty accurate. Highly recommend!

  10. A

    This thing requires your gps location on in order to actually use it. WHY. It is to measure my body not if I’m lost. This is going back. People seriously need to pay attention to the requirements for things to work on their phone. There is absolutely ZERO reason you need my gps on for a measuring tape.

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