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Top 5 Freelance Sites

Top 5 Freelance Sites

Freelancing is a great way to work from home. Freelancers do anything from writing to graphic design to computer programming.

They are often hired by businesses (small and large) for a particular project. It’s a win- win situation.

The small business owner gets his website up and running, or his press release written without having to create a new position in his company to get the job done.

The Freelancer gets to do what he or she loves to do from home. The big question is how do the business owner and freelancer find each other? They do it through one of the freelance sites below.

Freelancer Or A Web Design Agency
Top 5 Freelance Sites

On all five of these sites projects are posted and freelancers bid on how much they would charge for the work. It is up to the company / person posting the job to choose which freelancer they would like to work with.

1 )

Guru is the largest freelance site out there. According to their site they connect over 520,000 freelancers with over 30,000 businesses and employers.

Guru is organized into several categories and subcategories from Web and Graphic Design to Programming to Business Consulting.


Elance is the other big player when it comes to freelance sites that cover a wide variety of freelance work. Like you can find projects from creative work like graphics and writing to computer programming.


This freelance site caters primarily to programmers, coders, software engineers and IT professionals in general. You will find projects ranging from simple html pages to programming jobs that could last for several months.


In addition to finding projects posted on a variety of subjects, you will also find an extensive library of articles of interested to freelancers as well services and products, a forum and a newsletter.


As the name suggest this site focuses mostly on freelance work for programmers. You will find projects from web and graphic design to flash to software development.

They even have a new section that will allow you to sell scripts you have written.

Freelancing is a great way to get started working from home. You can easily take on a few small projects while keeping your day job.

You can start gaining experience, add to your résumé and build a client base. This will make the transition to working from home exclusively much smoother.

It is also a great way to test the water and see if you would like to work on projects from home in the long run.

Freelancer’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Work-at-home Career

If you want to work part-time or full-time from home, you must decide whether or not working being your own boss is right for you.

Next, you need to consider what type of freelance work you want to do. Freelancers can tap into many opportunities, both online and offline.

Having a successful freelance career starts with evaluating your own skills and requirements in a job and then finding the right match.

Sometimes the best place to start with your freelance career is where your staff employment had ended. Many people find they can become independent contractors in the field in which they previously worked. You can use your previous work experience as a launching pad for your freelance career.

Some ways to use your experience include: finding a company that hires people in your field to work from home; or using your previous experience to become an “expert” freelancer in your field; or starting a business related to your previous field.

Some people look at their freelance careers as a way to break out of their old job. If you’d like to try something completely different, there are many opportunities for entry-level work as a freelancer. Many of these jobs deal with telephone or online customer service.

When you work as a customer service agent from your home, you need a reliable Internet connection and a working phone. Companies also hire medical transcriptionists, data entry professionals, and virtual personal assistants to telecommute.

If you want to start your own freelance business, the opportunities are very vast. You can start with a direct sales company and sell products from an established brand to friends and neighbors.

You’ll make commissions through your sales and by recruiting other people to sell the products.

There are hundreds of direct sales companies that offer everything from aromatherapy products to candles to cooking supplies.

Another option for starting your own freelance business is offering a service in your community.

Day care center operators, florists, professional organizers, freelance writers, and hairdressers all have the option of working at home, among many other professions.

Many people turn to the Internet for a source of freelance income. The World Wide Web offers a plethora of job opportunities.

You can offer your services online as a freelance web designer, writer or virtual assistant. You can also start an online store that sells your own products.

An excellent resource to learn about launching a freelance career is Andy Anderson’s book or audio book, “How to Make Money from Home as a Freelancer,” published by

Decide first what type of job you’d like to do and then work from there. If you are truly a people person and need to get out each day, direct sales or a local service business might be right for you.

If you are the type of person who goes online a lot and is comfortable with the Internet, try finding a job or starting your own freelance business on the Internet. If you like the comfort of having a weekly paycheck, look into telecommuting positions.

Once you’ve decided what category of job you’d like, do some research on what it takes to be successful at that type of business.

If you feel you are drawn to one particular business or company, then sit on your decision for a week and see how it feels.

Imagine what your life will be like as you take on the duties of that job. More importantly, be realistic with yourself about how much time you can devote to your business. Finding the right match isn’t hard when you thoroughly consider your options.

Finding freelance graphic design jobs

Graphic design has become one of the most-sought after services in the industry of marketing and promotions today.

Since it provides visual representation of goods, products, and services, graphic design jobs have also become a commodity that is highly in demand for various companies and establishments.

Today, graphic design jobs and services are being marketed by freelance graphic designers to be able to offer potential clients more options.

One of the media where graphic design jobs are promoted and marketed is the Internet. Being a media where barriers and boundaries do not exist, more and more graphic designers use the Internet as a whole new avenue for freelance graphic design jobs and opportunities.

As the industry of web design and development grows, graphic designers and illustrators are now given the opportunity to reach a new market on a global scale by doing freelance stints.

In fact, more and more clients even prefer to hire freelance graphic designers to do the job because they are more artistic, creative and productive compared to those who are working full time in different firms.

If you are a company owner and you would want to strengthen your marketing and promoting strategy, then it is now time to consider hiring freelance graphic designers. Today, there are so many freelance graphic designers who offer their services.

All you need to do is surf the Internet and browse your options for freelance graphic designers or for freelance graphic design jobs.

You can do this by narrowing down your choices and by determining what kind of art you would want to use.

You can opt for different kinds of graphics if your want to sell products or you can opt for a more specific graphic design job like illustrative graphics if you want to clarify a news story published in your newspaper.

Aside from that, you can also seek the assistance of freelance graphic designers if you want to change the image of your website.


By now, you must have realized that images are as powerful as words. If you are planning to change or improve your marketing or promoting strategy, then you should be seeking for the assistance of freelance graphic designers in order to do the job.

If you are thinking of forceful and convincing images that will clearly convey your message single-handedly, then you should be considering how freelance graphic design jobs can boost your advertisement efforts.

If you are seriously contemplating in hiring freelance graphic designers to do the job for you, all you need to do is surf the Internet and look for websites where a list of freelance graphic designers are available.

In fact, there are so many websites that are well-organized and have comprehensive database which makes it possible for freelancers and employers to interact.

They can even help you find artists who can be a perfect candidate for your desired graphic design and freelance artists of all specialties, skill levels, and experience.

If you are a freelance graphic designer and you would want to find freelance graphic design jobs, you can also use the Internet to find profitable markets for your services.

All you need to do is surf sites where they host freelance graphic design jobs and they can hook you to clients who might need your expertise.

In fact, you can even find freelance graphic design jobs listed in these websites and you can contact the potential client all by yourself.

Just make sure that when you do this, you have earned a reputation for being a professional freelance graphic designer who can meet deadlines and can complete freelance graphic design jobs on time.

Online Freelance Writing Opportunities

Whether you knew it or not, there are quite a few freelance writers out there these days.

Many people fail to realize this simply because it’s a field you don’t hear much about and many individuals assume that you can’t make a living freelance writing. This is utterly false.

There are a number of freelance writing opportunities in cyberspace. Therefore if you aim to become a successful freelance writer, then one tool you’ll surely need is a computer with Internet access. This is more crucial than pen and paper now days!

Where does a freelance writer get started and what sort of education is required for this field? These are excellent questions.

In regards to degrees, if you’re attending college to become a writer, some ideal majors are English, Journalism, Creative Writing or any other writing degrees.

You don’t necessarily need these degrees to become a successful freelance writer, but they can definitely help you get your resume noticed by potential employers. In this day and age everyone prefers to see a college degree.

On top of that, when it comes to great freelance writing opportunities, expect potential employers to request writing samples. This just goes with the territory.

Since everyone has a different writing style to some extent, folks will want to know what yours is prior to hiring you for a contract writing position.

Okay, so obviously as a freelance writer, you’ll want to know where all the ideal freelance writing opportunities are found. Your Internet access will come in handy at this point.

Search the web for allsorts of freelance writing gigs and jobs. Helpful websites to take a look at are, and

This is an awesome place to begin your freelance writing career once you’ve completed college, or simply any time you choose to tackle the writing profession. With so many freelance writing jobs located solely online these days, it’s certainly feasible to have a great writing career from the comfort of your home.

How To Launch A Part-time Freelance Writing Career

In the industry of freelancing, among the most in demand are writers. This is especially true with the birth of the Internet, which tripled the need for writers because of the various websites and online content that are constantly being updated.


There are actually lots of work a freelance writer can go into especially if they have established the right contacts.

Freelance writers are needed for writing online content to boost website viewership. In fact, online content is fast becoming one of the major sources of freelance assignments,

not only for writers, but also for other freelancers, such as photographers, web designers and graphic artists.

Even though there are lots of assignments and freelance jobs waiting on the sidelines, this does not mean you’ll be getting a fair share of them. You still have to compete with a lot of freelance writers for these jobs. To make sure you stay competitive, here are some tips:


If you plan to freelance, make sure people know you do freelance. How else will they know unless you tell them?

When you meet people, don’t hesitate to give them your business card and tell them that you do freelance work. Self-marketing is essential as this will give you the contacts you need to start a freelance career.


It is important you always do your best and make sure you take care of your work reputation. Your work, whether they are PR write-ups or newspaper articles, will be the basis for clients hiring you for future freelance work. So make sure you always give your best in every assignment.


It is not only your work you should take care of, but also your attitude in dealing with people. You can be the most brilliant writer, but if you are known in the industry as difficult, you will find it hard to get freelance jobs.

Take care of your reputation especially in terms of work ethics and meeting deadlines, as these are important factors that employers consider in hiring freelance writers.


Of course, it is not also right that you just wait for people to give you work. You can actually look for assignments yourself, just to tide you over before actual assignments come in. There are many ways to look for freelance jobs.

You can log on to job sites where they have a special section that posts freelance jobs or part time jobs. Some are even located in different states, which you can actually accept since most just require telecommuting and not your actual presence.

Another way to look for jobs is to ask people you know for referrals.

An excellent resource to learn about launching a freelance career is Andy Anderson’s book or audio book, “How to Make Money from Home as a Freelancer,” published by


One of the best things about being a writer is you can hold a permanent job and still write on the side. That is the good thing in having a creative profession.

You can do freelance jobs in your spare time while still being employed. In fact, many magazine writers and journalists accept writing and editing jobs on the side, while others who can afford not to have a permanent job will settle in with freelance jobs.

There are some freelancing jobs that can pay a lot and can even exceed a person’s monthly pay. Permanent writing jobs, however, provide the security. You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning without money to pay the rent, right?

Freelance writing jobs are a dime a dozen especially with the advent of the Internet. Writers are frequently commissioned to do online content to keep websites updated and informative.

Still, one needs to know where to look and how to look if you want to get regular assignments. I find many of my paying freelance writing jobs at

Below are some tips to get freelance writing jobs:


There are a number of writing jobs you can find on the Internet, and you can do most of these freelance jobs at home. You can submit most of your finished projects to the client by e-mail, and get paid the same day.


Being a writer, you have to establish a network of people who will recommend you for jobs and writing assignments.

PR professionals, for instance, look for writers who can do assignments for them. The same goes with owners of companies who advertise on the Internet or those who maintain websites which you can write for. Editors of magazines and newspapers also regularly seek freelance writers for articles and editorials.

There are a lot of individuals and companies who look for part-time or freelance writers. The bigger your network is, the more people can help you find freelance work.


The first step in asking for a referral is to do such an outstanding job that your client will want to refer you to his colleague.

Although writing is big business, the industry is actually pretty small. Chances are your boss will also know someone who is doing a similar project. Ask for a recommendation to another person who needs a writer. This is one way to get assignments.


The key to having a great freelance writing career is to take care of your reputation, not only in terms of your writing, but also in the way you deal with people.

For instance, you can write so well but if you are always missing deadlines, no person would want to deal with you. Remember that writing involves deadlines and you have to keep up with it if you want to succeed in the industry.

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