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Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines

Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines

Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines

Sight is the sense that human minds get the most information about their environment out of.

While we may not entirely retain all of that rich information, it nonetheless stands that visual information forms the core of how we recall details and perceive reality.

So when visual information is constricted, cut off, or downright unintelligible, things happen. Due to the reliance of the typical human psyche on visual information,

as well as a number of things in modern life, over stimulation of the eyes can be a problem that might end in visual migraines.

Visual migraines are basically a migraine that was induced by some sort of visual stimuli, and is generally relived by your usual array of migraine relief medications.

However, the causes of visual migraines can vary more than the average migraine, as this variant of migraine tends to be caused more by how the brain burns itself out interpreting visual signals than more typical factors.

Visual stimuli nowadays can go from one extreme to another, particularly in what some circles address as “non-traditional” art mediums.

The use of exceedingly bright colors and flashy visual effects in movies, video games, and even website layouts can sometimes lead to visual migraines, particularly if the exposure has been for a prolonged period.

Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines
Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines

There are a number of ways for visual stimuli to cause visual migraines, though most reports tend to focus on bright lights and flashy CGI effects founds in movies and video games.

One particular incident incorrectly attributed to visual migraines involved the Japanese version of the popular children’s cartoon “Pokemon.

” Initial reports specifically stated that some of the show’s effects caused seizures, though some have referred to the effects as migraines.

Similarly, unofficial statistics in Japan have cited a number of shows on Japanese TV, particularly some of the more male-oriented and action-themed anime, as having migraine-inducing special effects.

Of course, due to the nature of these statistics, most pharmaceutical companies have not taken much notice of this in their migraine relief advertising campaigns.

In general, visual stimuli that causes people to seek migraine relief has a tendency to come in the form of unconventional patterns or certain abstract data.

While a Picasso might not cause the need for migraine relief, to a degree, some of the more extreme examples of modern art have been held responsible.

Other examples of visual stimuli that has people reaching for migraine relief after a few minutes of exposure include the occasional deliberate attempt to induce one.

This is typically done by placing an already visually complex picture, such as an abstract painting, and superimposing an unconventional figure into the painting itself. The result usually, but not always, results in a migraine.

Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines
Visual Stimuli Can Lead To Migraines

Interestingly, migraine relief for this sort of problem is often purchased by people in the accounting field. This is often attributed to the nature of the visual stimuli involved in their work.

Spreadsheets are notorious for causing a number of vision-related problems, with migraines being one of them
Hence, migraine relief medications, as already stated, do help in getting rid of visual migraines.

These drugs are readily available at most drug stores and are effective regardless of what the nature of the migraine is.

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