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Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

Freelancing is now a career oriented path to earning lucrative money.

A number of reviews regarding the freelance market indicates that nearly a quarter of the combined authoring, web designing, software development, copy writing etc is attributed to freelancers presence around the world.

Thus outsourcing becomes a fairly competitive exercise where hundreds of freelancers bid for a particular job.

We can notice that even people with knowledge of one subject or the other indulge in freelancing and it is not only the elderly or retired persons who hold the major stake in the freelance marketplace of our globe.

The process therefore becomes more difficult and time consuming as to where this outsourcing should take place.

On a humorous note it would not be wrong in stating that nearly everyone is a freelancer in his or her own right! Consequently, one must be careful in choosing the right place and the right freelancer to outsource the projects.

Is it difficult to shortlist Freelance sources?

The answer to this important question is – “no it is not difficult at all”! In fact it is a very interesting study to find out the best source for freelancers to do your job and the more outsourcing you delegate,

the higher you climb up the ladder on the “outsourcing” front – and more successful you are for extracting the best out of what this world offers!

An awesome fact is that when you search for “freelancers” on Google or Yahoo, over 6 million sources will loom before your very eyes, making you more confused if not entirely perplexed!

There are concentrated freelancers from many countries and you may be able to get a good idea of how the outsourcing “source”

is distributed around the world. So here we are – in a world of freelancers who are all willing to do your job to your satisfaction. How do you go from here?

Who is the best Freelancer for Outsourcing?

The outsourcing dilemma can easily be solved if one knows their project to the core. If I am a freelancer in web designing, I must be able to consider all the pros and cons of a web design project and the final goal I have set for myself.

A good freelancer or an efficient Freelance organization will put itself in the customer’s shoes and then only attempt the given project.

It is also necessary to stipulate the degree of “outsourcing” which means the type of work required from the freelancers at the project cost arrived at.


In other words, the value attached to the bid! If these two major factors are considered, outsourcing could become an easier job. It is never a question of this country or this freelancer from that nation is better or otherwise.

Each project – let it be web designing, software development, or article writing – must be considered unique and important to the person or group who are the employers.

The freelancers must think of themselves as part-time – but important – employees of the buyer and deliver the goods in that context.

India, China, Philippines, Middle East, Europe or America!

This is like saying “where do I go – north, south, east or west!” – Something that sounds like as if we were contemplating a vacation!

If we were looking for English copy writing it is relevant to choose those people who know the language – either as a first language or at least the second tongue! In the case of web designing or software development,

or even technical and marketing assistance one can choose any suitable source and language does not really hinder the progress of the project. Well, in some cases it may!

Always take into account the strengths of any freelancing organization and anticipated weaknesses prior to choosing one or the other.

We know it is not easy but with a bit of logical thinking and some common sense we can manage to hire a perfect outsourcing outfit that will ensure our satisfactory implementation of a project.

The Path To Freelance Success: The Secret Is Knowing Where To Look

Would you like to break out of a regular job and start freelancing? Perhaps you’ve got the skills, but are not quite sure where to start looking for work, or how to deal with the business side of freelance work?

work from home in customer service
Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

Freelance marketplace websites specialise in bringing together clients looking to outsource projects and skilled professional contractors looking for freelance jobs.

If you have web design or development, graphic design, programming, writing or translation skills then you will find opportunities waiting for you, if you know where to look.

There are many benefits to freelancing – you have a high degree of independence, choosing when and where to work, and even for whom to work, once you are established.

You aren’t tied to a fixed schedule and you are directly paid the full rate for your work, not just a portion of it like an employee is. There is plenty of work out there, but you have to learn how to find it and build your contacts.

This is where freelancing sites such as can help, especially when you are just starting out. These sites offer a wide range of projects to bid on and give you the chance to learn about the freelance marketplace.

Once you start as a freelancer, you need to think of more than just keeping your skills sharp. You are a business now, and have to build relationships with clients and sell yourself.

This can seem daunting at first but is made easier by freelance marketplace websites that bring together outsourced projects with freelance contractors.

These sites all include feedback and rating systems for both clients and contractors, meaning that as your experience builds, your record of quality work will be visible to all the other members of the site, giving you more credibility.

You will also find that as you gain more experience and contacts, people might approach you directly for work. In the end you might even have to turn away work – alternatively you can start sub-contracting it out yourself through the freelancing sites, giving you the best of both worlds.

Your success is all down to you – if you are professional and polite, and always deliver good quality work on time, people will come back to you as there is a strong demand for good quality freelancers.

When setting your rates, don’t be solely concerned with being the cheapest. Instead look at the budget of the project you are bidding on, then look at what you need to earn for it to be worth your time.

Work out a rate that meets both the client’s budget and your needs, then use it as a part of a high quality bid. The lowest bids are often rejected in favour of the bids that offer the most professional package.

Small businesses looking to outsource some work will often pay a little more to someone who will offer a more professional service. Your aim, as a freelancer, should be to be that someone.

As with any business undertaking, there are a few potential risks, but with care and planning you should manage to avoid these most of the time.

The most obvious risk is completing a freelance job for a client who then will not pay., like most freelance marketplace sites, offers an escrow payment system to protect both clients and contractors from these problems.

It works by taking full payment for the project from the client at the outset of the project, and then passing it to the contractor upon successful completion.

Other challenges you can have to deal with are changing requirements from your client and poor communications, but again freelancing sites help here with feedback systems and message boards, ensuring a record is available of the original details of your bid and the project, so as long as you deliver what you bid, you should get paid.

Don’t let the challenges and risk put you off – freelancing is a very rewarding way to earn a living and make the most of your marketable skills, and with freelance marketplace sites to help, it isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Online Freelance Work Marketplace – Put your skills to earn money !

Looking to earn extra income using your hard-won technical skills ? Earn from online projects and be a part of 1 billion Online Outsourcing Industry !

Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace
Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

You might be a talented programmer or other service provider looking for work or just a way to make some extra money by putting your skills to work.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place – The online marketplace. Online marketplace had thousands of online projects to mach your technical qualities.

The Buyer sets up a project and our Service providers bid on the projects. The Buyer picks the Service provider and the projects begins.

You create the program or answer thequestion. When you’re finished, you are awarded the bid amount.

Online marketplace works much like an auction, where you locate and bid on projects and questions in different catagories from around the world ! It matches up talented professionals from around the world with businesses that need services on a freelance basis.

Online marketplace company handle all the money collecting so you can concentrate on what you’re best at…your project.

By the time you’ve begun work, the buyer’s money has already been placed into an escrow account, freeing you from the problem of getting ‘stiffed’.

To pay for this service, Online marketplace company charges freelancers a share of freelancer’s Fee on the profit from work and questions. So if you don’t find work…online marketplace companies don’t get paid.

You can find projects in given major categories :

1. Web site Design / Web site Marketing

2. Programming / Software

3. Graphic Design / Multimedia

4. Networking

5. Engineering / CAD / Architecture

6. Writing / Editing / Translation

8. Broadcasting

9. Fashion / Interior / Landscape / Set Design, etc

10.Admin Support (Legal, Medical, & Accounting)


Here are some typical things you can do to get more bid acceptances:

1. Resume

2. A sample of your portfolio.

3. List of your areas of expertise and certifications.

4. A personal photograph.

If you have expertise in any field, online marketplace can do wonders for you.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs

You can find that there are numerous freelance copywriting jobs out there. Within this article today, we’ll look at a couple of the different websites and how you can make sure to set yourself apart from all of the other freelancers out there.

Tips on listing self-employment on your resume
Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

Our first task is to identify the different marketplaces where you should have a subscription. The website that will be profiled first is

This particular marketplace has a very strong following as more than 100,000 potential customers come by the website each week.

You are able to sign up to sell your services and the system allows you to upload your best work to sell yourself to potential clients.

There is also a search agents in place so that you can have jobs that meet your criteria e-mailed to you on a daily basis. Cost for a subscription to this particular website can range from eight dollars per month up to one hundred twenty dollars per month.

The second website which you should look to register for it is This is actually the largest online freelance marketplace on the Internet to look for online jobs including freelance copywriting jobs.

The capabilities of this website are similar to the ones that were posted in the paragraph above for that particular website. It has a service provider base of over 481,000 people.

If you live in Europe, you can use both of these websites as well as a European challenge to these two, which is found at

There are many other websites that also offer a freelance online marketplace and one of these is

This should get you started in being able to find different websites and which you can bid on projects. When you are bidding on projects, companies that are looking at the bids will not be looking just at price but also at how their work will be done.

To do this you will want to set yourself apart. The way that you can set yourself apart in creating a bid is to include copies of your best work but also make sure that you include testimonials along with a sales letter on why you will be the best party bidding on this particular project.

By doing this, you will be tailoring your message to the particular party and you will be showing them examples of your past work along with happy clients. This will help improve your credibility and firmly anchor you as a potential candidate who can get the job done.

Many copywriters do not have a website today so if you take the opportunity to create a website, you will find that you could have a competitive advantage in the freelance copywriting jobs market.

Hopefully this article on freelance copywriting jobs has helped you. It is important to know which websites you should use in finding work but it is also important to find ways to set yourself apart.

By creating a website as well as creating an advertising package that shows off your best side, you are setting yourself up to stand apart from other freelancers. You are selling yourself when you create this package so keep that in mind.

Tips For Buyers – Posting Projects & Setting Project Prices On Freelance Marketplace

The trend of outsourcing work / projects to freelancers is catching up with buyers / clients like wild fire and why not? Freelance service providers are professionals in their field and line of work.

best Tips For Working At Home
Where To Outsource-The Freelance Marketplace

Hiring and subcontracting projects to such freelancers helps in reducing overhead costs as they are hired only when required.

Moreover, buyers / clients are able concentrate on their core jobs while outsourcing certain specific tasks to those who know best.

In order to gain maximum benefit from freelance marketplace, we suggest that you read the following tips and guidelines –

1. Be Realistic When Setting Prices and Negotiating with freelancers

It is human nature to look for the best possible deals for ourselves. However, in our hurry to strike a good bargain we must not forget to value another person’s work and efforts.

Try not to underestimate the job that other people do by saying – “I could do this myself! But I am short of time so I am hiring a freelancer”.

2. As a buyer of freelance professional services, remember to value the freelancer’s time, efforts and dedication in completing your project. Be willing to set a reasonable price for the job you are offering.

If you deliberately set extremely low prices, you may not find any suitable freelancer to take on your project. Moreover, even if you do negotiate, you may end up getting low quality work that is a complete waste for you.

Hence, be willing to compensate the freelancer in accordance with the amount of work you require and the effort needed to complete it.

Do not shy away from paying the freelance worker – don’t reject the work after ample time, effort and work have been put into your project by the freelancer.

3. Explain and Outline Your Project Needs Clearly

While posting your project, remember to include as many details as possible regarding the work in question. This will help in removing any chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding in the future as well as invite accurate and sensible project bids from freelancers.

Be clear and direct in your language so that a freelancer is able to understand well what the project entails before accepting the work.

Doing so will not only reduce the chances of time wastage; it will also value the efforts put in by the person / persons you are hiring.

4. Set prices based on the Nature of the Work

While describing your project, spend a little time in clearly defining what the project is all about and how much time will be taken realistically,

to complete the project (keeping in mind the technicalities if the work, amount of research that may be required and the complexity of the task.)

A job may be outsourced on an hourly basis as well as on a project basis. You are the best judge of this and should decide accordingly.

5. Be Sincere

If you expect sincerity from the people you hire, you should be willing to give back the same. Freelance projects and outsourced work is based on trust, dependability and clear communication.

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