Why You Should Buy An Apple TV

Why You Should Buy An Apple TV


There are a lot of great gadgets available online. Additional accessories and other gadgets let you enjoy your existing one already; just like having the Apple TV that enables you to stream HD movies and available television shows on iTunes.

You can also enjoy contents from other online sources, such as Netflix, Flickr, YouTube, NBA TV, MLB TV, Vimeo and MobileMe.

You can enjoy watching movies without the annoying commercials. You can attach a HDMI cable to your home theater system and enjoy all these features on your widescreen television set.

Once you rent a certain show, you have exactly 30 days to enjoy it. You will surely find all the great collections of new movies and shows the moment they are available on DVD.

You do not have to go to the store and find the show you wanted to see. You can also enjoy the device on your personal computer that should be on Mac or Windows.

This is very handy because its enclosure is only less than 4 square inches in size. In addition, if you have another Apple device like the Ipod or iPhone,

it enables you to control the Apple TV from your device through the free remote app available from the iTunes app store.

The box includes the Apple TV, power cord, aluminum Apple Remote and the user guide. It runs with a single core A5 chip processor and is only about 0.6lbs in weight. The device’s available ports include HDMI, optical audio, IR receiver, Fast Ethernet and a microUSB.

Using this device offers several advantages that include low power usage with only about 6 watts for the device.

It is portable for a device that has so many features. It contains a great user interface which means that it is very easy to use.

Plus, it is made from the leading makers of portable gadgets in the world. It is completely compatible with your another Apple gadget.

This gadget comes with a great protection plan that includes hardware coverage in case there is a problem with the unit you purchased.

You will also be able to contact an Apple expert that can provide you with immediate solutions when you encounter a problem. It has a 1080p HD video quality.

One of the down parts of this device is its high price. There are a lot of people who are having second thoughts of buying this product.

Another thing is that it does not offer a local storage, which means that you need to stream online just to use your device.

Your viewing experience will depend on how fast your internet connection is. Most user often experience AirPlay lag and stutters in playing videos or podcast that can ruin your viewing experience.

It also offers limited channels unlike its other competitors. The content and music is highly dependent with iTunes.

Based from all its advantages and disadvantages, this Apple gadget is still considered a good buy, especially if you are working the whole day and always having problems in keeping up with all your favorite shows.

It is also the perfect device that you can own when you have kids. This will surely keep them entertained,

and enables you to be updated with all the latest movies and shows that are available in all stores without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You can easily browse online and rent out your favorite movie, then enjoy watching it on HD. There are a lot of reasons why buying Apple

TV is considered a good buy despite its price that is very expensive. This is a good item to give as a gift to a friend or yourself if you really enjoy watching movies and

TV shows online, since it has the capacity to improve your viewing experience. This is truly the best gadget to own for the whole family to enjoy.

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