Xbox Gift Card Digital Code

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Xbox Gift Card Digital Code

  • Buy an Xbox Gift Card for great games and entertainment on consoles and Windows PCs.
  • Choose from hundreds of games, from AAA to indie options.
  • Extend the experience of your favorite games with add-ons and in-game currency.
  • Browse a massive library of new and popular movies and TV shows.
  • Great as a gift to a friend or yourself.


10 reviews for Xbox Gift Card Digital Code

  1. Joseph P.

    Bought this for my cousin who lives across the country. Process was very easy, I completed the order on Amazon then less then 2 minutes later I was emailed the gift card code which I just forwarded to my cousins email address. He was able to redeem the code on his Xbox One to buy a new game.

  2. Michael CassidyMichael Cassidy

    I really like this because it’s easy and convenient. I don’t even have to leave the house, my son is very happy when he doesn’t have to wait to get his card for V-bucks he earned. Transactions used to be instantaneous but now take 3-5 minutes but still beats driving to the store.

  3. Adam B. Bugay

    I love the ease and quickness of purchasing the digital Xbox gift cards instead of having to go to the store and waiting in line to buy a plastic card that does the exact same thing as its digital counterpart. Save yourself some time and gas, just buy your gift cards here on Amazon and get access to the funds instantly. The future is here people, take advantage of it!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Tried to buy a digital code because I was being lazy and didn’t wanna drive to the store and back for a gift card to add money to my Xbox account. Big mistake. Took longer to verify the purchase than it would’ve to just go buy a card. Then trying to redeem the code it started a whole new set of problems. Following the link to redeem took me to microsoft and update profile pages and adding information (which is already on the account) and now my Xbox account can’t add codes from the website or the Xbox. Now I gotta deal with customer service and more annoying crap. Lesson learned. Don’t buy digital cards from amazon it’s a pain in the ass. Just buy the prepaid cards at the store

  5. Mel

    So much easier than running out for gift card. I don’t want my credit card on the live account bc the kids can order whatever they want if I do

  6. Tracy

    Worked perfectly…Within a few minutes after checkout, I received the code-(which is typically located on the back of the card when purchasing this at the store), added it to my account & it was able to be used right away with no problems. Personally, this saved me a lot of time & hassle as I live in a rural area & purchasing the digital code on Amazon allowed me to skip the drive, wait in line etc. Now that I see how effortless this was compared to buying the card at the store, I intend to purchase the digital codes from now on. Perfect transaction start to finish!! Highly recommend! Happy customer!

  7. Ron Adams

    I bought a card and it worked fine. About 2 weeks later I ordered another but the code didn’t work. I talked to Microsoft support a little but quickly realized that the order simply hadn’t been processed yet so the new code didn’t yet arrive. If your code doesn’t work, try waiting a minute then refreshing the page (if you’ve purchased one before).

  8. Jhoan MiguelJhoan Miguel


  9. newgarbagetrucknewgarbagetruck

    I wanted to use this to buy 3 months of Xbox live. It was on sale for 9.99, but I really didn’t want to pay my that because I’m still holding out for a deal on the yearly membership. I remembered that I had $5 on an Amazon gift card. I read these reviews and was a little confused honestly, but I signed on the Xbox live website and you can use a gift card to pay for Xbox live. So, I purchased this with my GC, got the email within a minute, added the 3 months on the Xbox live website, copied and pasted the code from the Amazon email, and it worked.I have added a screenshot to prove the purchase.

  10. timeforachange

    This worked great.. I had never bought 1 online before and was giving it to someone in another state. GLAD TO SEE THIS IS AN OPTION FOR ME TO SEND THINGS TO THE GRAND CHILDREN THAT THEY WILL LIKE.******I have bought this 3 times in the last week for my grand children, so easy to buy and just send them the code. No waiting for the mailman to bring it********

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